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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science History Chapter 1 - Rise of Nationalism in Europe: Download Free PDF

Class 10 History Chapter 1: The Aakash NCERT solutions for History chapter 1 discusses Nationalism and the Rise of Nationalism in Europe. This chapter deals with Sorrieu’s Utopian idea, which visualised the European states approaching the symbol of ‘nation-state’, the Statue of Liberty.

The idea of Nationalism swept across Europe in the nineteenth century, leading to the emergence of nation-states in Europe. The idea of a nation-state evoked a sense of unity of descent among the Europeans. Several factors contributed to the rise of the spirit of Nationalism in Europe. For example, the French Revolution in 1789 overthrew the monarchy in France and transferred the power to the common citizens, which created a common identity among them. Gradually, the idea of Nationalism spread to other parts of Europe, such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc. The states were previously controlled by aristocrats. However, with the emergence of Industrialisation, new classes emerged, which led to the rise of new classes and eventually the abolishment of the aristocracy. The transfer of power to the citizens gave rise to the idea of Liberal Nationalism which provided equality for all and freedom to individual citizens.

After 1815, the idea of Conservatism emerged, which believed that institutions, such as monarchy and Church, should be preserved. However, following the idea, the Age of Revolutions led by educated middle-class elite liberal nationalists emerged. Louis Phillipe was made the head of the constitutional monarchy, which replaced the rule of the Bourbon kings. Eventually, this shift of power sparked a protest which led to the separation of Belgium. Gradually, after more upheavals and revolutions, Germany and Italy established themselves as nation-states.

Rise of Nationalism in Europe: Class 10 History Chapter 1 Questions and Answers PDF 



FAQs for Class 10 Social Science NCERT Solutions

Q. Why are NCERT solutions for Class 10 Social science essential?

A. Social science is a theory-based subject, so it is vital to have a complete understanding of all the topics, and its concepts to answer any question. The solution gives proper understanding and clears all the doubts regarding any topic. The solutions are given topic-wise, so students do not have to waste their energy finding topics here and there.

Q. What do Aakash's solutions offer?

A. Aakash's solution pdf offers some crucial notes, detailed explanations, additional questions, written answers, and some test papers to practice for students for their exams.

Q. How do I find Aakash NCERT solution for class 10th Social Science?

A. You can find the NCERT solutions on the Aakash website. The solutions are arranged chapter-wise, and you can download them for free so that you can use them anytime, anywhere.

Q. Are the NCERT solutions for class 10 Social Science the best guide for chapter revision?

A. The NCERT Solutions provided by us are concept-based rather than question-focused. Students can use them to revise the important topics that are highlighted in each chapter. Short and long answer-type questions are written in simple language to help students learn how to answer them. All the important topics, tips, and tricks are highlighted in these solutions for a better understanding. 

Q. Why choose Aakash NCERT solutions for Class 10 Social Science?

A. The solutions provided by us are prepared by IITians and experienced faculty members. Thus, they are reliable, and precise and provide the best techniques to solve any problem. We also include some tips to enable students to solve problems with speed and accuracy.


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