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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science, Political Science Chapter 8 - Challenges to Democracy

We have learned in chapter 7 the outcomes of democracy. Now in this chapter, we will learn about the challenges that democracy faces. Here, we learn about reforms made to make a better democracy.

There are many challenges that come through when the countries so populated. We face foundational challenges, challenges of expansion, and we earn various things that can help in deepening democracy. This chapter will give a clear view of various aspects of democracy. When it comes to democracy, many countries have not even come out of a dictatorship. And in countries with democracy, the expansion of it to various groups and societies is a challenge. And coming to the deepening of democracy, there are various loopholes in countries with a democratic rule that has to be solved. .

Moving on, we get to know the various ways through which this problem can be solved. The political reforms and rules that can be followed to solve the issues. Law, Supreme Court, and proper political practices can bring change, and even individual people can bring about change. We learn how various things can affect the proper functioning of government. Decisions taken must be implemented from the grassroots level. The government must make sure that they are being carried out efficiently. More common people can join politics or civil services and carry out reforms to bring change in not just cities but even rural areas.

We learn about how we can redefine democracy and make sure the country runs smoothly and effectively. The rulers must make decisions for the benefit of the people, and elections should be held in a transparent way. Equality is a must, and the government must make sure the country runs smoothly and decisions are taken for the welfare of the people.

In this chapter, you will come across various drawbacks as well as positive reforms of democracy. You will learn to eliminate caste-based discrimination and other major issues. Overall, you will learn about all the challenges of democracy.



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