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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Economics Chapter 5 - Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights is the last chapter in the syllabus for Class 10 Social Science. The chapter talks about consumers' rights in detail. Consumer rights within the context of the ways markets operate in India are described in detail. Unequal consumer rights situations in various markets and how rules and regulations are poorly enforced is what students will get to know in this chapter. Students will also learn how some consumers are exploited and how legal institutions extend their help in such cases. Aakash NCERT Solutions for this chapter are prepared to keep in mind to help students understand this chapter in a better way. Answers to this chapter are provided in a clear and crisp manner in easy language for easy understanding.

To tackle this widespread problem, several people came up with numerous movements to fight against these corrupt people. They also formed their own organisations, which functioned against them. Rising food prices, hoarding, black marketing, etc., were the main reasons giving rise to these movements. COPRA stands for Consumer Protection Act. The activities of the above consumer forums forced the government to enact the COPRA in 1986. It applies to all goods and services. It includes all the sectors, whether public, private or cooperative. It also has several rights along with it, such as the right to safety, right to choose etc. Under the Act, the government lays minimum standards for the products and services. The organisations formed for it include the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) or Agmark etc. We are consumers, and we, too, have some duties to perform. We must be aware of our rights and duties. While purchasing, we must look at that product’s MRP, quality etc. We must also ask the retailer for other provisions such as a warranty card. There must be the mark of (BIS) or Agmark on that particular product or service.


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