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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 4 - Motion in a Plane

In this chapter, we will learn about motion in two dimensions or a plane. The chapter starts by giving an introduction to vectors and scalars. We learn about addition, subtraction and multiplication of vectors.

We also learn about displacement and equality in vectors with the help of graphs. We also study the resolution of vectors through graphs and various numerical methods. We would also read velocity in relation to vectors in this chapter. The chapter also tells us about motion in a plane with constant acceleration. We finally conclude by reading about projectile motion and uniform circular motion.

  • Scalar quantities are defined as the quantities that only have magnitudes, like distance, speed, mass, etc.
  • Vector quantities are those which follow vector addition and have both magnitude and direction, like displacement, velocity, etc.
  • We study the multiplication of vectors by real numbers in this chapter.
  • We also look at the addition and subtraction of vectors by the graphical method.
  • The chapter also illustrates the resolution of vectors through numerical and derivations.
  • We also learn the formulae for unit vectors and how to denote them on a graph.
  • The chapter also teaches us the addition of vectors through the analytical method.
  • We then move on to learn about motion in a plane with position vectors and their displacement and velocity.
  • We will also learn about acceleration in these concepts.
  • The chapter also emphasizes motion in a plane with constant acceleration with the help of numerical.
  • Relative velocity in two dimensions has been explained with the help of a universal formula and consequent derivatives.
  • An object that is in flight after it is thrown is called a projectile.
  • We will learn about the path, range, and maximum height of a projectile in this chapter.
  • When an object follows a circular path with constant speed, it is called uniform circular motion.
  • The chapter concludes by providing various questions for the students to solve.



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Key Features of the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 4: Motion in a Plane

  • Complete understanding of all basic concepts, as illustrated in the chapter.
  • The chapter has been decoded and drilled down to the most crucial points for a better understanding of the students.
  • Aakash also ensures that all the course material adheres to the NCERT guidelines.

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