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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 1- Physical World

The chapter starts with a description of what physics means. We learn about science and where it first developed. We also read about natural sciences and the basic principles of physics. The chapter consequently also illustrates the scope and excitement of physics. We also study the technological impacts of physics on society. The chapter explains in detail the fundamental forces of nature too. The chapter then concludes by briefly explaining the nature of physical laws and the contribution of various scientists towards it.

  • Science is considered as old as the human species. Various civilisations like that of Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia have made various contributions to the field.
  • We try to understand the essence behind this science and try to explain what scientific methods are.
  • Natural sciences include physics, chemistry and biology.
  • To determine the scope of physics, we will look at two principal thrusts of physics – unification and reduction.
  • We will also study classical physics and the topics it entails.
  • These include – thermodynamics, electrodynamics, optics and mechanics.
  • Classical physics deals with the macroscopic issue while quantum physics deals with microscopic issues.
  • The chapter also illustrates the relationship between physics, technology, and society.
  • We read how certain physical concepts were developed out of necessity.
  • The chapter also provides an elaborate table to showcase the different contributions made by different scientists.
  • We will also study the various fundamental forces in nature.
  • These include the gravitational force, the mechanical force, the electromagnetic force, strong
  • nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and the unification of forces.
  • The chapter concludes by telling us about the nature of these forces.
  • Some forces change according to different situations, while some remain constant throughout.
  • For example, the acceleration of gravity on the moon is one-sixth of earth, but the law of gravity is followed in both.



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  • Special emphasis is given on maintaining a standard quality of answers that help the understanding of the student.

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