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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 9 - Sequences and Series

Sequences and Series chapter 9 of class 11th Maths introduces the students to the meaning and application of the two terminologies. In the chapter, an ordered list of numbers has been defined as a sequence, and a series is said to be the summation of all the terms of a sequence.

Various topics are taught under this chapter, which is Sequence and Series, Arithmetic Progression (AP), Geometric Progression (GP), Arithmetic Mean (AM), Geometric Mean (GM). The chapter further takes up topics such as Defining the general term of a G.P., Defining the relation between (A.M.) and (G.M.). Furthermore What is Infinite G.P. and what are its sum, What is the summation of first n terms of a G.P., Formulae in respect to solving the special series sums, and a few more topics are also taken care of.

A brief on the topics are given below.

  • Sequences

Sequence means arranging numbers in a defined order, which is done following some rules. Sequences are of two types, Finite and Infinite.

  • Series

Series means a total of some set of numbers that are arranged in a particular order.

  • Arithmetic Progression (A.P)

A.P. is represented by the variance of two consecutive terms, which is referred to as a constant. Here, Arithmetic Mean is also taught.

  • Geometric Progression (G.P.)

G.P. is more like an A.P. with the only difference being that the former takes into account the ratio of two consecutive terms, which is a constant as well.

  • Correlation between Arithmetic Mean and Geometric Mean

Explaining the similarities and dissimilarities between A.M. and G.M. is a part of this topic.

  • Sum to 'n' Terms of Special Cases



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Key Features of the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 9: Sequences and Series

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