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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 15 - Statistics

In layman's terms, statistics means a collection of data to meet or determine a specific purpose. In mathematics, statistics hold the same relevance where through various methods that specific objective is found.

In class 11, Statistics is taught at the end, which comprises topics like measures of dispersion, mean deviation, range, standard deviation, the variance of grouped and ungrouped data, and how to analyze frequency distributions with different variances, but equal means. Statistics require the rigorous practice of problems. The board has provided three exercises for the students' practice purpose and an additional exercise to brush up all the topics. The topics kept under this chapter are:

  • Introduction

The introduction part talks about all the concepts preached in this chapter, viz., mean, median, central tendency, and dispersion measures.

  • Measures of Dispersion

What are dispersion measures and the different measures of dispersion, i.e. range, quartile deviation, mean deviation, and standard deviation come under this part.

  • Range

The definition of range, along with its formulas, is given in this section

  • Mean Deviation

The meaning and formulas used to drive mean deviation, for both grouped and ungrouped data plus its limitations are taught here.

  • Standard Deviation and Variance

In this section, the standard deviation and its working formulas have been defined.

  • Analyzing Frequency Distributions

A Frequency Distributions analysis is a process in which the variability of two series with the same coefficient of variations and mean is compared.



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Key Features of the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 15: Statistics

  • In Aakash NCERT Solutions for class 11th Maths Statistics chapter, numerous sums for each topic have been given with formulas listed in a tabular form that makes practising easy with everything given in one place.
  • From basic to advanced, every solution in the Aakash NCERT Solutions handbook for statistics topics is given by faculties who have great pedagogical skills. This NCERT solutions file supports all operating software as the file is available only in PDF form.

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