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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 1- Sets: Download Free PDFs 

Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions Chapter 1: In the Chapter "Sets" the meaning, concepts, and application of Sets together with their representation in Mathematics have been discussed. The NCERT Solutions for class 11th Maths chapter Sets covers topics, such as Empty set, Equal sets, Universal sets, Finite sets and Infinite sets, Power set, and Subsets. Students will also learn how to draw Venn diagrams in this chapter while learning the concepts of Union sets and Intersection of sets and how to use them. Topics, like the Difference of Sets, and Complement of a Set where its properties are also explained, have been covered while drafting the NCERT Solutions for Class 11th Maths Chapter 1 Sets. Given below is a short description of the topics taught under chapter Sets.

Class 11 Maths Chapter 1- Sets: Important Topics

Meaning and Representation of Sets: The basics of sets have been explained. Representation of sets means the presentation of sets in set-builder and roster form, and denoting the sets with the help of English alphabets.

Empty Set: An empty set means a set with no elements in it.

Finite and Infinite Sets: A finite set is defined as a set that has a definite number of elements in it. And, an infinite set has an infinite number of elements in it.

Equal Sets: Equal sets are those two sets where the same elements are present.

Subsets: A set is said to be a subset of another set if every element present in the former set is present as the latter set elements.

Power Set: Obtained from the subsets' concept, a power set of a set means a collection of all subsets of that particular set. A power set is denoted as P(A).

Universal Set: A set that contains all the elements of the other sets under consideration is known as the universal set for those sets. It is denoted by U.

Venn Diagrams: Drawing a Venn diagram using the above topics and sub-topics has been shown in this section.

Operations on Sets: Alike, the addition and subtraction of numbers, performing a few basic operations on sets can be done in the form of:
1) Union of Sets,
2) The Intersection of Sets, and
3) Difference of Sets

The Complement of a Set: A set is a collection of specific objects. For example, the collection of coins will be one set, and the stickers will be another set. Consider a set that has all universal elements. The complement of a set means a set in which these universal elements are absent. For example, in a collection of coins, notes will not be there. Therefore, the collection of notes is a complementary set of collections of coins.

Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions Chapter 1 - Sets PDF

FAQs for NCERT Solutions for Class 11th 

Q. How NCERT Solutions are helpful for students?

A. National Council of Educational Research and Training) NCERT has recommended a particular syllabus for classes I-XII for schools coming under the CBSE board. The authorized body is also responsible for the publishing of Text Books for all subjects of all classes. It also includes research, content planning, content research, and content creation.

Q. Why students should opt for Aakash’s NCERT Solutions?

A. We at Aakash have taken extreme care to furnish keynotes after each part with the nitty-gritty outline, significant equations, and all the important points clarified in the reading material. The students looking for the appropriate responses to inquiries present in the books of NCERT would now be able to put their hunt to stop. These arrangements of NCERT course solutions are set up after over-the-top exploration, making it outstanding amongst other online NCERT Solutions. It gives a bit-by-bit clarification to each address given in the course books. The Aakash NCERT Solutions can likewise end up being of significant guide to students for their home tasks and state and National Level competitive exams also.

Q. Why is it important to read or practice the NCERT solutions?

A. Most of the time, students do not get it in the classroom or during self-study. In such cases, NCERT solutions act as recorded help to students looking out to clear their concepts. One can just download the PDF and consult it whenever required. The NCERT solutions by Aakash specifically provide detailed answers for all subjects and step-by-step solutions for Maths for all classes. Accessing the NCERT Solutions by Aakash can give you an edge over others. Moreover, it is based on an exact syllabus that covers not only the CBSE board exams but also the competitive exams like NEET, JEE Mains, and JEE advanced.

Q. Where and how can a student download Free PDF Latest NCERT Solutions for Class 11 for all Subjects?

A. For the ease of students, we at Aakash have provided a PDF file for NCERT Solutions of all subjects, all topics for all classes. The detailed solutions are prepared by our senior and experienced faculty which gives students an in-depth understanding of the concepts rather than the particular question.

Q. Are NCERT and CBSE same?

A. No. There is a major difference between the two because they fall into different categories altogether. CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is a board which is the governing body while NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training is the council. NCERT basically is responsible for drafting content and syllabus that is required for CBSE board exams. In short, CBSE is a board whereas NCERT is a council.

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