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Best Coaching Centers for NEET in Lucknow

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination is also known as "NEET Exam". It is a common entrance examination for medical aspirants. NEET is conducted to determine the qualification of the students to get admission for MBBS and other undergraduate medical courses in recognized medical colleges in India. Following are some highlights of this exam:

  • The exam is held in offline mode
  • The duration of exam is of 3 hours
  • No restriction on the number of attempts
  • Students currently in 12th or 12th pass-outs are eligible

Aakash NEET Coaching Centres 

  • NEET Classroom Course: This is a regular classroom course that students can enrol in along with their schools. Preparing students for NEET and boards with well-defined study material and tests is the focus of this course.
  • NEET Crash Course:This course is for last-minute prep. Question banks, practice papers, NEET mock tests are given in this course. Candidates revise their concepts from recorded & live lectures with doubt clearance sessions.
  • NEET Repeater Course:Aakash Repeater Courses are meticulously crafted for students who are focusing solely on NEET or other medical exams. This course is specifically for 12th pass-out aspirants.


Benefits of Joining Aakash NEET Coaching Institute in Lucknow

For a result-oriented & quality prep of NEET, Aakash institute is the one. Every year they give top scorers of NEET. Following are some key features of Aakash:

  • Well-framed study material
  • Enriched solved examples
  • Experienced teaching staff
  • Disciplined & focused environment
  • Motivational & doubt-clearing session
  • Regular tests & parent-teacher meetings
  • Proven Selection Record
  • Video lecture library

NEET Coaching Centres in Lucknow for Foundation Students of Class 9 to 10

Program Objectives:

  • Adequate learning material for subjects of IX & X. For XI & XII all subjects of the NEET syllabus
  • Consistent tests on NEET/Boards/NTSE pattern
  • Results are informed to parents through SMS

This course is split into 4 sessions

Session 1 (Class 9) Session 2 (Class 10)
  • Discussing the complete syllabus of 9th by October 2022 & from November 2022 to January 2023 X syllabus will start.

  • Classes will resume from March 2023 for X class.
  • Discuss the complete syllabus of 10th by October 2023, and then students can give the NTSE exam.

  • From November 2023 XI syllabus will start till January, and then students will be freed to write Boards.

Session 3 (Class 11) Session 4 (Class 12)
  • Completing syllabus by October 2024 and from November to January 2025, class 12 syllabus will start.

  • Classes will resume in the last week of March again, for the 12th.
  • The syllabus is to be completed by August 2025 of 12th and then tests and revision of class 11 will continue.

  • Extra tests to be given to students from December

  • After boards again, the test series will continue in April 2026 for NEET

NEET Coaching in Lucknow For classes 11 & 12

Aakash Institute provides various courses for 11th & 12th. To get a good advantage preparing for NEET from 11th will be ideal.

Program Objectives:

  • In-depth Preparation for NEET & other medical exams
  • To conduct a series of tests on NEET/boards pattern
  • Providing relevant study material for all subjects of NEET

Course Description for 2-year Medical Classroom Course for Class 11 Students at Aakash Institute Lucknow

A 2-year integrated program is offered by Aakash for NEET/Boards preparation.

Course Highlights:

  • Conducting tests on NEET/Boards pattern
  • Results informed to parents through SMS
  • Providing study material for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology & Botany
Session 1 (Class 11) Session 2 (Class 12)
  • Discussion of complete syllabus of XI syllabus by February 2023

  • After the 11th exams, classes will resume again from the last week of March 2023.
  • Completion 12th syllabus by October 2023 and then revision for 11th and regular tests will start

  • Extra tests will be given to students in December for practice

  • From December 2023, the test series will start for NEET

Course Description for 1-year Medical Classroom course for Class 12 students at Aakash Institute Lucknow

This course is for all medical entrance exams & boards. Below is the course description:

  • Conducting regular tests on both Medical & board exam pattern
  • Informing results to parents through SMS
  • Provide adequate material for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Zoology NEET Syllabus
  • After completing the class 12 syllabus by October 2022, revision of the 11th syllabus and tests will start.
  • Extra tests to be taken from December 2023
  • Providing video lecture library for missed lectures

Program Objective:

  • Providing extensive courses for NEET aspirants
  • Training students to solve complex problems speedily
  • Providing learning material for NEET students

Visit our website to know more details related to, NEET Application Form and NEET Eligibility Criteria visit our NEET preparation page

Aakash Coaching Centers In Lucknow, (Uttar Pradesh)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Hazratganj, Lucknow
Center Address : No 9A, Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow - 226001
Phone No : +91-8800860652
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Alambagh, Lucknow
Center Address : No B/70/3, Kanpur Road, LDA Colony, Sector B, Lucknow - 226005
Phone No : +91-8800873861
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Center Address : CP/69, Viraj Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow - 226010
Phone No : +91-8800874098
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Ali Ganj, Lucknow
Center Address : No CP/8, Sitapur Road Yojna, Lucknow - 226021
Phone No : +91-8800874076

NEET 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

  • Mrinal Kutteri - AIR 1(2-Year Classroom Course)
  • Tanmay Gupta - AIR 1(2-Year Classroom Course)
  • Sreehari C - AIR 115 (JEE Main)(2-Year Classroom Course)


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Frequently asked questions about NEET Coaching Centres in Lucknow

Q1. What are the fees of coaching centres in Lucknow for NEET?
For different courses and programs, Aakash Institute has a different fee structure. The fees of two or four-year integrated programs are quite higher than one-year programs. Based on the courses’ time duration fee structure varies.

Q2. How is Aakash the best choice among coaching centres in Lucknow?
Along with quality study material and faculties, Aakash institute provides a focused environment for students for good NEET preparation. Thousands of practice questions, assignments booklets are provided by them. In addition, an i-tutor lab is available where you can see your missed-out lectures.

Q3. Is there any scholarship for NEET at Aakash Institute?
Yes! At Aakash Institutes, students can take the online Instant Admission cum Scholarship Test to avail themselves of scholarships for different programs. According to the total score of this exam, students will get scholarships.

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