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Best Coaching Centers for NEET in Kolkata

Medical practice is widely recognised as one of India's most honourable occupations. To become a qualified doctor, you must attend one of the country's top medical schools and practise successfully. The applicants' scores in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test are taken into account by the leading medical colleges in India while considering them for admission (NEET). Several NEET Coaching Centres in Kolkata provide top-notch faculty, study materials, and practice tests. 

How do coaching centres keep you on track with your preparations?

Coaching Centres would be pretty beneficial in preparing for various competitive tests. They provide excellent staff, high-quality study materials, and a frequent NEET mock tests to prepare students. These coaching centres significantly contribute to the education industry, with results and success rates steadily growing over time. Because they provide outstanding teaching support and individualised guidance for the exam, Aakash has risen to the top of the list of top NEET Coachings in Kolkata.

Courses offered by Aakash NEET Coaching Institutes in Kolkata

  • NEET UG Classroom Courses - Provides in-depth study material for NEET candidates during school hours. The emphasis is on laying solid foundations for the NEET test.
  • NEET Crash Course - This course is designed for students taking their first NEET exam. It provides exam series, practises tests, recorded and live lectures, study resources, and answers questions.
  • NEET Repeater Course - This course is designed for students who have completed Class 12 and are looking to ace the NEET exam. The study resources solely cover the NEET portion of the test; the board exam is not included.


Benefits of Joining Aakash NEET Coaching Centres in Kolkata

  • The removal of doubts follows daily lectures. Test every week.
  • Developing a positive examination attitude Techniques for improving your rank.
  • Students do not need to purchase any other books (besides NCERT) because the study material provided by Aakash meets the requirements of all medical entrance tests.
  • AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series) for NEET Exam preparation.
  • Students will also have access to an iTutor lab with a collection of video lectures from famous teachers to resolve their doubts and catch up on missed classes.

NEET Coaching Institutes In Kolkata For Foundation Students of Class 8 to 10

Aakash's three- and four-year programmes are designed to provide a solid foundation for individuals interested in pursuing a career in medicine. It is an outstanding bridge curriculum that aids a student in making a smooth transition from eighth grade to beginning preparation for the medical entrance exam. In addition, when students write competitive tests at the +2 level, it gives them a considerable advantage.

The goal of the program:

  • Strengthening the fundamentals
  • Adequate application and problem-solving experience
  • Providing advanced training for competitive exams and assisting with board exam preparation
  • Learning skills such as observation, understanding, analytical, and mathematical reasoning can all be improved.

Coaching Centres in Kolkata For NEET For Class 11 and 12

This course is comprised of 4 sessions:Medical students should begin studying for NEET as soon as possible. Beginning medical preparation in Class 11 will assist students in laying a solid foundation. The NEET-UG syllabus includes questions from classes 11 and 12, with an equal number of questions from each.

  • Students are well-prepared for the NEET Exam.
  • To prepare for the NEET Entrance Exams, relevant study material in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology will be provided.
  • Several tests will be carried out.

Course Description for 2-Year Medical Classroom Course for Class 11 Students at Aakash Institute Kolkata:

From this course, the students will be able to prepare for the Board exam, NEET, and several Medical Entrance Exams during their Class11 and Class 12. This course comprises of two sessions whose details are as follows:

Session 1 (Class 11) Session 2 (Class 12)
  • In the first year of this classroom course, we will complete the Class 11 thoroughly to write their Class 11 exams freely.
  • After this, students can rejoin in the last week of March or the first week of April 2023 to continue their Class 12 syllabus
  • In the second year of this course, we will complete the Class 12 syllabus and revise the Class 11 syllabus. The revision will be done from November 2023 until December 2023.
  • Students will be asked to give extra tests in December 2023 to improve their problem-solving skills.

Course Description for 1-Year Medical Classroom Course for Class 12 Students at Aakash Institute Kolkata:

Students will be able to prepare for Class 12 Board exams, NEET, and other Medical Entrance Exams thoroughly in their Class 12 from this course. The details of this course are given below.

  • During this course, students will be able to complete the NEET syllabus.
  • This course is specially made for aspiring NEET students.
  • Provide adequate material for Physics, Chemistry, Biology  and NEET Zoology Syllabus
  • The syllabus will be completed by October 2022, and revision will start from November 2022.
  • Students will be given extra tests in December 2022 to boost their problem-solving skills.

Visit our website to know more about NEET Application Form and NEET Eligibility Criteria visit our NEET preparation page

Aakash Coaching Centers in Kolkata

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Center Kolkata New Town
Center Address:Premises # 01-0279, Plot # DD 257, Action Area I, New Town
Phone No : 8800013151
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Center Kolkata - Bansdroni
Center Address : 200, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Near Mastarda Suryasen Metro Station, Bansdroni
Phone No : (+91)-8800013151

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Center Kolkata - Central
Center Address : 23, Circus Avenue, Near 7 Point Crossing, Opp. Jhaal Farezi Restaurant, Kolkata
Phone No :  (+91)- 8800013151

NEET 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

Students from Aakash are constantly grabbing the top spots at every NEET exam. And in 2021, three of our bright minds have captured the top spots after getting our hybrid courses:

  • Mrinal Kutteri - AIR 1 (2-Year Classroom Course)
  • Tanmay Gupta - AIR 1 (2-Year Classroom Course)
  • Karthika G Nair - AIR 1 (2-Year Classroom Course)

NEET UG Coaching near me Kolkata

Aakash NEET Coaching Centers

Aakash coaching centres are present across the nation. With 275+ centres branches across the nation and a student count of 2,50,000+, Aakash is one of the leaders in the field of imparting quality coaching for competitive and school exams.

Aakash NEET Coaching in Top Cities

NEET Coaching In Bangalore

NEET Coaching In Delhi

NEET Coaching In Lucknow

NEET Coaching In Kota

NEET Coaching In Hyderabad

NEET Coaching in Chennai

NEET Coaching In Pune

NEET Coaching In Mumbai

NEET Coaching In Bhopal

Aakash NEET Coaching Institutes in Kolkata: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should you choose Aakash Institute in Kolkata for NEET Coaching?
Aakash Coaching Centre in Kolkata is the leading coaching institute for NEET preparations, offering comprehensive study material, superior assistance, clear explanations for each topic, many practice questions, and frequent practice test sessions.

Q2. What are the costs of attending the NEET Coaching Centre in Kolkata?
NEET applicants can choose from various courses at Aakash Coaching Centre Kolkata based on the time intervals required for preparation. Varying courses have different costs, with the comprehensive packages being the cheapest and the two-year programme is the most expensive.

Q3. Why should I take coaching for NEET at Aakash Coaching Centre in Kolkata?
Students are encouraged to enrol in NEET coaching to help them level up, prepare, and outperform other students in India's most significant medical admission exam, NEET.


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