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Best Coaching Centers for NEET in Hyderabad

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Qualifying in this exam is mandatory for a student who aims at pursuing a career in the medical field. In addition, students get admission to medical colleges according to the rank secured in NEET exam. Several NEET Coaching Centres in Hyderabad offer the best faculties, study materials, and test series. One of which is the Aakash Institute, the leading coaching centre for NEET in Hyderabad.

Aakash NEET Coaching Centres

Aakash NEET Coaching Centre plays a crucial role in motivating the students to crack NEET because the faculty members can directly interact with students and guide them in preparation. Therefore, choosing the correct NEET coaching centre is imperative to help the students understand their educational requirements and do well. Moreover, the faculties of a good coaching centre are highly qualified and provide unique exam mock series for exceptional NEET preparation.


Best NEET Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad 

The Aakash Coaching Centre is India's leading coaching centre for NEET preparation. With a team of educated and leading faculty, we provide essential training and guidance to our students and help them outshine the rank list. In addition, we have different courses designed for the specific needs of students. Aakash is undoubtedly one of the best NEET Coaching Centres in Hyderabad.

Aakash institution was created in 1988. After years of expertise, the coaching institute has risen to the top of the best Coaching Centres for NEET in Hyderabad. Aspirants wishing to crack the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) can put their trust in the Aakash institute due to the following reasons:

  • We have a team of highly educated and experienced faculty members.
  • Regular evaluation and feedback system to provide personalised guidance for improvement.
  • Visual demonstration of every concept for better clarity of fundamentals.
  • Students learn various tricks to perform well in exams.
  • Excellent management ensures timely completion of syllabus and revision, including NEET mock tests.

Courses offered by Aakash Institute for NEET Coaching in Hyderabad

  • NEET UG Classroom Courses - Provides in-depth study material for aspirants preparing for NEET during school hours. Focuses on making strong fundamentals regarding the NEET exam.
  • NEET Crash Course - Aspirants attempting their first NEET can go for this course. It provides a wide range of test series, mock tests, recorded and live lectures, study material, and assists in solving students' queries.
  • NEET Repeater Course - Suitable for Class 12 pass-out students who aspire to crack NEET with good scores. The study material covers NEET and not board exam portions.

NEET Coaching Centres in Hyderabad for Class 11 and 12

The NEET preparation's two-year integrated classroom course consists of 3-4 weekdays classes and 2 classes on weekends. Students, who want to pursue a career in science and engineering, can enroll in this course to seek guidance to qualify for the NEET exams with good rank. At Aakash, students get study material that helps them gain confidence in the fundamentals of Class 11 and 12 so that they crack the exams by getting top spots in the NEET exam.

NEET UG Coaching Near Me Hyderabad

Course Description of 2-Years Integrated Classroom Course for Class 11 and 12 Students at Aakash Institute

From this course, the students can prepare for the Board exam, NEET, and several other Medical Entrance Exams. This course comprises of two sessions whose details are as follows:

Session 1 (Class 11) Session 2 (Class 12)
In the first session, the focus is on completing the class 11 syllabus to help students perform well in class 11 exams. The second session focuses on completing the class 12 syllabus and revising the Class 11 syllabus. The revision starts in November and continues till the end of December.
Students are expected to rejoin the classes at the beginning of April or the end of March after their exams. Students take extra tests in December to improve their problem-solving skills.

1-Year Integrated Classroom Course for Class 12 Students at Aakash Institute Hyderabad

The 1 year integrated classroom course is specially designed for class 12 students. Through this course, students get the following benefits:

  • Through this course, students can complete the NEET syllabus quickly.
  • This course is specially made for aspiring NEET students.
  • The syllabus is completed by October, and the revision starts in November.
  • Students take extra tests in December to boost their problem-solving skills.
  • Students learn different tricks for better time management during exams through this course.

Program Objective

  • Provide adequate material for Physics, Chemistry, Biology  and NEET Zoology Syllabus
  • Boost the preparation levels for NEET and Class 12 exams.
  • Display the results of each test on the Centre Notice Board.
  • Inform parents regarding the test results.
  • Offer regular tests based on school and entrance exam patterns.

Visit our website to know more about NEET Application Form and NEET Eligibility Criteria visit our NEET preparation page

Aakash Coaching Centress In Hyderabad, (Telangana)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Hyderabad
Center Address : 2nd Floor, Dukes Avenue, Shaikpet, Hyderabad - 500008
Phone No : +91-8800013006
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Hyderabad
Center Address : Door No 3/6/660, HC Bhawan Building, Street No 9, Himayathnagar, Hyderabad - 500029
Phone No : +91-8800013001
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Hyderabad
Center Address : 1st Floor, Satyam Shivam Complex, Green Hills Colony, Road No 2, Kothapet, Hyderabad - 500035
Phone No : +91-8800013004

NEET 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

Aakash Institute has always secured top ranks in the NEET merit list. In 2021 more than 95% of students who applied for NEET took the exam following the Covid 19 protocol, and among these students, Aakashians grabbed the first rank. Our shining stars include:

  • Mrinal Kutteri - AIR 1 (2-Year Classroom Course)
  • Tanmay Gupta - AIR 1 (2-Year Classroom Course)
  • Karthika G Nair - AIR 1 (2-Year Classroom Course)

Aakash NEET Coaching in Top Cities

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NEET Coaching In Delhi

NEET Coaching In Lucknow

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NEET Coaching In Bhopal

Frequently asked questions about NEET Coaching Centres in Hyderabad

Q1. What is the importance of taking coaching for NEET?
NEET is a very tough competitive examination. Though its syllabus covers the topics of classes 11 and 12, it requires a completely different strategy to achieve success. Our team at Aakash Institute teaches the fundamentals clearly and conducts mock tests, so students get complete knowledge and learn time management to succeed in NEET.

Q2. I will be appearing in class 10th board this year, and afterward, I want to start preparing for NEET. In which course shall I enroll?
Our 2 year integrated course for classes 11 and 12 will be best for you. This course focuses on completing the school syllabus and training students for NEET and other medical competition exams. We provide a break to students when they have class 11 final exams. When the exam finishes, our students can easily resume their preparation with us.

Q3. Why should I join Aakash Institute in Hyderabad?
Aakash Institute is the leading coaching centre for NEET in Hyderabad. Our students have constantly outshined the NEET results because of our comprehensive study material, supreme guidance, detailed explanations for each topic, vast coverage of practice questions, and frequent practice test sessions.


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