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Best Coaching Centers for NEET in Berhampur

Medical professionals are highly respected in Indian society. Therefore, students who want to pursue a career in the medical field need to qualify for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) to get admission to medical colleges.

NEET is conducted once every year by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The highlights of this exam are listed below:

  • It is conducted in pen-paper mode
  • The total duration of this exam is 3 hrs
  • Class 12 and 12 pass-outs can attempt the exam
  • The total marks are 720
  • 4 marks are given for each correct answer
  • 1 mark is deducted for a wrong answer

NEET Coaching Centres In Berhampur

Qualifying NEET is crucial to getting admission to a medical college in India and abroad. Every year more than 12 lakhs of students appear for NEET. However, in this cut-throat competition, students often follow a bad study plan and keep getting distracted from achieving their goals. The Aakash coaching centre efficiently solves this problem in Berhampur.

Following are the teaching methodology of the Aakash coaching centre in Berhampur:

  • Elaborate lectures
  • Planned preparation strategy
  • Doubt removal sessions
  • Individual feedback
  • Tricks to excel exams
  • Weekly tests
  • Mock test

NEET Courses Offered by Aakash Coaching Centre in Berhampur

  • 4Y- Integrated Classroom Course For IX to XII, NEET, Olympiads & NTSE: This course is designed for class 9 students. It prepares students by strengthening their foundation knowledge. Students take numerous tests to improve their board, Olympiads, NTSE, and NEET preparations.
  • TY- Two-Year Integrated Classroom Course for NEET: This is a two-year course designed for the students of class 11. In this course, students take regular tests, mock tests, and AIATS to enhance their exam preparations. Various tricks taught in this course help students in quickly solving complex problems.
  • OY- 12 cum Medical Classroom Course for NEET: This is a crash course that aims at preparing students for NEET in the shortest possible time. Class 12 students are eligible for this course.
  • OY- Regular Classroom Course For NEET: This is a regular crash course designed to prepare 12+ students for NEET.

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching centre in Berhampur

  • We provide world-class, experienced, and professionally trained faculty members.
  • Less students in each class help the teacher in giving individual attention.
  • Students get access to the iTutor lab, previous year question papers, recorded lectures, etc.
  • We provide precisely designed study materials that follow the NCERT syllabus.
  • Our AIATS which is held nationwide, help students analyse their performance amongst other candidates.
  • Our motivational lectures boost the morale of students.

Aakash Coaching Centers In Berhampur (Odisha)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Berhampur, Odisha
Center Address : 3rd Floor, Ananya Arcade, Fish Market, Main Road, Kamapali, Brahmapur - 760005
Phone No : +91-7005008000

Course Description for 4-Years Medical Classroom Course for Class 9 Students

This is a 4 years integrated classroom course for class 9 students. It aims at teaching every topic with utter clarity in an interesting manner so that students can retain lessons. Moreover, students also get study materials for Social science and analytical reasoning to improve board exams and NEET preparations.

Program Description

This course prepares students in 4 sessions:

Session 1

  • In the first year, class 9 syllabus is thoroughly taught and completed in October 2022.
  • From November class 10th syllabus is started.
  • From February-March 2023, students get a leave to attend their school exams.

Session 2

  • Class 10th syllabus is completed by October 2023 to take NTSE (stage 1) 2022-2023
  • From November 2023, the class 11 syllabus is started.
  • Students get a leave to write their board exams in February 2024

Session 3

  • Class 11 syllabus is completed in October 2024, and from November, class 12 syllabus starts.
  • Students get a leave in February 2025 to attend exams.

Session 4

  • Class 12 syllabus is completed in August 2025.
  • Afterward, students take numerous test series till January 2026.
  • Students rejoin the course in April 2026 after taking board exams and continue preparations till 2 days before NEET 2026.

Course Description For 2-Years Medical Classroom Course For Class 11 Students

This course is suitable for class 11 students. It prepares students for NEET and board exams simultaneously. It offers classes in two batches:

  • TY- Two Year Integrated Classroom Course for NEET
  • TY- Integrated Classroom Course For NEET- After Board

Both the courses prepare students in 2 sessions:

Session 1(Class 11) Session 2 (Class 12)
Class 11 syllabus is completed till February 2023. Revisions start in November 2023 after completing class 12th syllabus
Students get a leave from Feb-March 2023 to attend school exam Students take extra tests till February 2024.


Course Description For 1-Years Medical Classroom Course For Class 12 Students


This is a crash course that prepares students in the minimum possible time:

Class frequency Commencement Conclusion Tests during course
3-4 weekdays (4 hours per day)
2 weekends (6 hours per day)
March 2022, 3rd week February 2023
  • Subjective tests
  • Term exam
  • Fortnightly tests

Program Highlights

  • Boost students' preparation for NEET and Class 12th board exams.
  • Familiarise students with the NEET exam pattern.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills of students.

Course Description For 1-Years Regular Classroom Course For 12 Pass-out Students

This is a repeater course that prepares class 12 pass-out students.

Class frequency Commencement Conclusion Tests during course
4 days a week May 2022 1-2 weeks before NEET 2023
  • Fortnightly tests


Program Highlights

NEET 2021 Toppers from Aakash Institute

  • Mrinal Kutteri - AIR 1 (2- Year classroom course)
  • Tanmay Gupta - AIR 1 (2-Year classroom course)
  • Nikhar Bansal - AIR 5 (2-Year classroom course)

Aakash NEET Coaching Centers

Aakash coaching centres are present across the nation. With 275+ centres branches across the nation and a student count of 2,50,000+, Aakash is one of the leaders in the field of imparting quality coaching for competitive and school exams.

FAQs about NEET coaching in Berhampur

Q1. Which option is better among live interactive classes and recorded lectures?
Both the methods provided by the Aakash coaching centre are beneficial to students. The live interactive classes offer discussion sessions with faculties and on-the-spot doubt clearance. On the other hand, with recorded lectures, students can easily refer to any particular session whenever they need.

Q2. Does the Aakash coaching centre in Berhampur provide financial help to children of single mothers and martyrs?
Aakash coaching centre provides scholarships to needy students. Children of single mothers and female divorcees get suitable consideration of scholarships during admission. In addition, children who have lost their father/mother in war, terrorist attacks, or any government operation are also considered eligible for scholarship at Aakash.

Q3. What is the procedure of taking iACST to get scholarship benefits at Aakash coaching centre in Berhampur?
iACST is conducted online. Students are required to complete the online registration process on Aakash’s website. Afterwards, they need to select a time and date to appear for the test. Students can take this test from their homes.


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