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Best Coaching Centers for Olympiads, CBSE Board Exam Preparation in Udupi

The students can decide their career paths correctly by getting themselves aware of the basics of the course. The foundation course is available for class 8th students which allows them to find out which subjects will interest them. At Aakash Coaching Centre in Udupi, we guide the students to strengthen and develop their skills for tertiary education. These include skills such as academic writing, independent research and time management.

We at Aakash offer a Foundation and Olympiad course that helps the aspirants to have a hold over the difficult basics of the subject. This course offers in-depth knowledge about the various concepts of the subjects. It also enables you to score well in school and competitive exams like National or International Olympiads. In the Foundation and Olympiad course, we offer a more improved and diversified version of the available resources. Along with this following is the olympiad planner to keep track of various contest olympiads and quizzes:

Olympiad Field Organiser
European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) Mathematics Changes every year
Asia Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO) Mathematics HBCSE
International Mathematical Olympiad Mathematics Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE)
International Chemistry Olympiad Chemistry Changes every year
International Olympiad in Informatics Informatics Changes every year
International Physics Olympiad Physics Changes every year
International Chemistry Olympiad Chemistry Changes every year
International Olympiad in Informatics Informatics Changes every year
International Physics Olympiad Physics Changes every year
International Junior Science Olympiad Science Changes every year
International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics Astronomy and Astrophysics Changes every year
NSEC Chemistry HBCSE
NSEA Astronomy HBCSE
NSEJS Junior Science HBCSE
Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) Physics HBCSE
International Astronomy Olympiad - Junior (IAO - Junior) Astronomy HBCSE
International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) Earth Science HBCSE
International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) Informatics HBCSE

Foundation Course and Olympiad Preparation at Aakash Coaching Centres in Udupi

The Aakash Coaching Centres in Udupi have a competitive learning environment that allows the students to learn and stay motivated while learning difficult concepts. The syllabus is structured such that the faculty aims to give enough time to it until it is clear and understood. The course material covers the whole syllabus and all the concepts are covered. This course is the best choice for students who want to start preparing early and test their skills through Olympiads. Our institute provides an iTutor Lab facility to the students of the best faculty members to ensure zero doubts and freedom to watch the lectures.

We offer both online and offline classes for the foundation and Olympiad courses. A new hybrid concept of online and offline classes for improved learning is there in the course. These courses cover the syllabus for NCERT, AIATS, NTSE, ETC. It also involves special classes and test series to help students prepare for Olympiads and scholarship exams. The teachers make the students aware of various tricks and tips to learn the concepts. The classroom environment improves the logical and reasoning abilities of the students.

How will students benefit from the Foundation and Olympiad Courses at Aakash Coaching Centres in Udupi?

  • It will help to adjust to a competitive environment.
  • It will help to span the gap between secondary and tertiary education.
  • It will help to improve my language and writing skills.
  • It will turn your exam mode on.
  • It will help you stand out in the exams.
  • It strengthens the basics in different subjects.
  • It will provide clarity on the exam pattern.
  • It consists of mock tests and doubts solving sessions.
  • It will help to solve doubts with expert guidance.
  • It will provide good quality and resourceful material to the aspirants.
  • The course has a result-oriented approach.
  • It provides model test papers, home assignments and online test series.
  • It has a special booklet for NCERT questions.
  • It consists of comprehensive study material.

Aakash Coaching Centers In Udupi (Karnataka)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Udupi
Center Address : 1st & 2nd Floor, AV Arcade, Udupi Manipal Road, SH 65, Kunjibettu, Udupi - 576102
Phone No : +91-8800898735
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Udupi
Center Address : 1st Floor, London Plaza Complex, KM Marg, Udupi - 576102
Phone No : +91-8800898735

Frequently Asked Questions on Foundation and Olympiad Preparation Courses at Aakash Institute in Udupi

Q. How are the Foundation and Olympiad courses at Aakash in Udupi different?
We at Aakash offer high-quality education by our knowledgeable, well trained and experienced faculty. They guide the students during every difficulty and help them to pass the board exams at schools and competitive exams. This course gives thorough knowledge on the subjects with tricks & tips to clear Olympiads at both National and International levels. This course offers a test series that improves the problem-solving and logical thinking skills of the aspirants.

Q. Does the course at Aakash Coaching Centres in Udupi incorporate the NTSE exam syllabus?
The course aims to provide study material to students for the board exam and Olympiads including NTSE, KVPY,, etc. These Olympiads help the students to stay motivated and learn the tips & tricks of solving the problems. The course is a good testing platform to check our learning skills. The test series also helps to form our question bank for future exams to extend the approach towards the competitive exams.

Q. Who should enrol for the Foundation and Olympiad course at Aakash Coaching Centres in Udupi?
The Foundation and Olympiad course is an intensive program that incorporates the whole syllabus of the board exam, olympiads and foundation of both JEE and NEET. It will boost the confidence of students to brush up their skills and strengthen the weak areas by participating in these Olympiads. The students who are interested in covering the important basics for competitive exams should enrol for this course. It covers concepts of Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Q. Which tests are there in the Foundation and Olympiad course at Aakash Coaching Centres in Udupi?
The Foundation and Olympiad course involve a range of test series these are:

  • Fortnightly subjective tests,
  • Term tests,
  • Complete syllabus tests,
  • All India Aakash test series,
  • Olympiad pattern test series, and
  • NTSE pattern tests.

Along with this, it incorporates regular tests whose results are displayed timely.

Q.What are the perks of the Foundation and Olympiad course to class 8 students at Aakash Coaching Centres in Udupi?
The Foundation and Olympiad course offer special classes & test series, micro assignments, trickopedia, AIATS, test series course, iTutor lab facility, model test papers, and enhance mental abilities. It also provides a thorough study material that is resourceful for the aspirants.


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