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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 17:Forests: Our Lifeline

In this chapter, the reader gets to know about the various types of forests. Along with that, the forest's density, the various types of trees in different climatic zones, and the animals that adapt themselves to their surroundings have been discussed. Students are advised to understand the chapter for it is the foundation for further concepts in environmental studies, which students will study in the higher classes. The following are a few important concepts that one gathers from the chapter:

  • Forest is a system comprising various plants, animals, and microorganisms which gives us various products. Forests are the lifeline for the forest-dwelling communities.
  • Forests influence climate, water cycle, and air quality.
  • In a forest, trees form the uppermost layer, followed by shrubs. The herbs form the lowest layer of vegetation.
  • Different layers of vegetation provide food and shelter for animals, birds and insects.
  • The various components of the forest are interdependent on one another.
  • The forest keeps on growing, changing and regenerating.
  • In the forest, there is an interaction between soil, water, air and living organisms.
  • Forests protect the soil from erosion. Soil helps forests to grow and regenerate.


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