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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 1: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Authored by William Saroyan, the chapter presents the themes of honesty and morality. The chapter presents the story of two Armenian boys belonging to the Garogh Low-income family known for their honesty since the eleventh century.

The two young boys named Aram and Mourad belonged to a poor family. One day Mourad brought a beautiful white horse to his cousin Aram's window. Seeing the horse, Aram could not believe it to be real, so Mourad assured him that it was real. Aram was aware of their family's financial status, so he understood that Mourad stole the horse, but he refused to accept that fact. He did not consider it "stealing" since it was a living being; to him ", stealing" implied stealing money and other valuables. Mourad invited Aram for a ride on the horse. He quickly dressed up and jumped out of the window to join Aram. The boys rode together along the empty area of the old countryside till Mourad told him to get off to ride alone. Aram asked Mourad if he could ride alone.

However, Mourad. Hence, could not offer a definite answer since Aram was an inexperienced rider. The boys continued their secret horse rides for two weeks until the owner of the horse John Byro came to Aram's house to complain about the missing horse to Uncle Khosrove. Hearing about the boys decided to hide the horse till Aram could learn how to ride alone. On their way to hide the horse, the boys met the owner, and he paid no heed to it since the boys' tribe were known for their loyalty. Struck by their conscience, the boys returned the horse to the owner quietly.



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