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City Olympiad and Foundation Classes in Madurai

Best Coaching Centers for Olympiads, CBSE Board Exam Preparation in Madurai

National level olympiads are conducted for students who are in school. These Olympiads are held to appreciate the excellence shown by talented students. These exams like- NTSE, PRMO, RMO, NSEJS, and INOs, along with other scholarship tests, bring together several students from classes 1-10 and test their skills. Olympiad exams help boost students' knowledge, skill, and problem-solving abilities. 

However, the competition for Olympiad exams is always on the rise and gaining a rank in the exams is not easy. Aakash foundation classes help students score better in Olympiads and scholarship exams and complete their school syllabus. Our Foundation classes are held to help students identify their weaknesses and improve their subject-based knowledge. Find the nearest Aakash Insitute to get enrolled in our courses. 

Why Should Students Join Foundation Classes?

Aakash Foundation classes offer an excellent platform for students to sharpen their skills and experience competition at a very early stage. This helps them identify their shortcomings and become better at every step. At the Aakash coaching centre, students receive daily home assignments and take to build upon their skills slowly and steadily. The teachers help guide students academically and provide additional support in extra lectures on time management and exam stress. Let us look at why you should join the foundation classes in Madurai-

  • Foundation classes provided at the Aakash coaching centre help students manage their time well.
  • The foundation classes at Aakash provide students with study modules and home assignments during the weekday classes. 
  • The foundation classes are conducted regularly and instil values like punctuality and discipline in students.

Foundation Courses and Olympiad Preparation at Aakash Coaching Centre in Madurai

  • Three-Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE and Class VIII, IX & X- The course aims to revise classes VIII, IX, and X syllabus and prepare the students for NTSE and other Olympiads. The course highlights include- providing ample study material for each subject, including mental ability, conducting special tests and series, micro assignments, AIATS Series, home assignments, model tests and series, and the iTutor Lab Facility. The batch will commence- from March 2022 onwards and end in August 2025. Each class will last for 3 hours on weekdays and 4.5 hours on weekends.
  • One Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads & Class VIII- The course will start from the third or fourth week of March 2022 and end in the first week of February 2023. This course completes the science and maths syllabus of class VIII. It also focuses on conducting regular tests and providing home assignments based on the school and the Olympiad syllabus. The eligibility criteria of this course include class 8 students.
  • TY-Two Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE & Class IX & X- This course is suitable for the students of classes IX and X. This course will provide tests such as the AIATS series, fortnightly subjective tests, tests based on the Olympiad pattern, etc.
  • OY- Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE & Class IX- The course focuses on completing the entire syllabus of class 9 and is suitable for students who have completed their class 8 and are moving into class 9. The tests provided in this course include- Fortnightly Subjective Tests, Term Tests, Complete Syllabus Tests, All India Aakash Test Series, and the Olympiad Pattern Tests. 
  • OY- Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE & Class X- This course is ideal for class X students. The course conducts classes for 3-4 days on weekdays and two separate classes on the weekends. The course will begin in the third or fourth week of March 2022 and end by the first week of February 2023. The course includes fortnightly tests, term tests, AIATS series, and subject-based tests. 

How Will Students Benefit From the Foundation and Olympiad Courses at Aakash Coaching centre in Madurai?

Aakash coaching centre provides its foundation courses to nurture the dreams of young students. The foundation classes help students prepare for several Olympiad exams in India like- NTSE, KVPY, NSEJS, and more, alongside helping them complete their school syllabus for boards and class exams. 

The main objectives of our foundation course, which will help students in junior classes, are-

  • Helping students develop a practical problem-solving attitude.
  • Helping students complete their class syllabus in time, leaving ample time for revisions and self-study.
  • Testing their skills across various subjects, including mental ability and social sciences.
  • Providing students with counselling and guidance sessions keeps them motivated and full of vigour.

Frequently Asked Questions about Foundation Classes and Olympiad Preparation Courses at Madurai

Q1. What is the main purpose of the foundation offered at Madurai? 

Ans. Aakash foundation courses are designed for classes VIII, IX, and X. the main aim of these foundation and olympiad preparation classes is to lay a solid ground for engineering, medical and other national level competitive exams. These courses prepare students for KVPY, NSEP, NSEC, and NSEA. The main benefits of our foundation classes are-

  • Regular tests and lectures are conducted on the school exam pattern and the Olympiad pattern.
  • Doubt-removal sessions after each lecture to help students clear all doubts. 
  • Home and online assignments daily to keep students' progress in check.

Q2. What are the benefits of the Three Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE, and Class VIII, IX & X?

Ans. The Three Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE and Class VIII, IX & X has the following benefits- 

  • Up-to-date study notes and test series.
  • Timely and regular lectures are held on weekdays and weekends. 
  • Providing weekly, fortnightly tests and other model home assignments. 

Q3. What is the one-year integrated course for Class X students at Aakash coaching centre?

Ans. The one-year integrated course for class X students helps them develop a basic understanding of each subject. In addition, the course will help students clear ANTHE, ACST, NEST, and national level Olympiads. This course helps students prepare thoroughly for the boards and the Olympiad exam. This course promotes the extensive and in-depth study of science and maths and the basic concepts.

Q4. Do Foundation classes at Aakash Institute conduct regular tests?

Ans. Yes, students are provided with regular home assignments and tests at all the Foundation courses at Aakash. These tests include complete syllabus tests, term tests, mock tests for board classes, subjective tests based on the school exam pattern, and the All India Aakash Test Series. Aakash also provides Class 10 previous year question papers to help students brush up their skills before the exams.

Q5. Are there any additional benefits of joining the Aakash Foundation Classes?

Ans. The additional benefits of joining the Foundation classes at Aakash include- 

  • Micro-assignments containing all NCERT questions for improved efficiency and problem-solving skills.
  • Fast Track and Tricopedia to help improve speed while solving questions.
  • Completion of the school syllabus and the Olympiad syllabus.

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