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Best Coaching Centers for IIT JEE in Kharghar

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an annual examination conducted for students interested in enrolling in IITs, NITs, and other engineering colleges. To pass this test, you must put in a lot of effort and attention. JEE is divided into two parts- JEE main and JEE advanced.

Aakash Institute is one of the top coaching institutes that has earned a reputation for having a high conversion rate throughout the years. Aakash coaching centres are praised for the high quality of their study materials and the faculty team that assists students in achieving high scores in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

JEE Coaching In Kharghar

The genius of Aakash Institute resides in the expertise of our faculty, which hold a great command over the subjects they teach. The complete curriculum is produced under the supervision of our well-qualified faculty. JEE (Mains and Advanced) preparation is a collection of several components that are all purposefully structured so that students have enough time for self-study and revision.

Strategic course completion planning includes central and regional board preparation to make the student a winner in every academic element. Our skilled and experienced faculty members give students a rich academic experience and inspiration. The most recent pattern does rigorous exam planning. It pushes JEE applicants beyond their comfort zone and prepares them to confront difficult situations and cutthroat competition.

JEE Courses offered by Aakash Institute in Kharghar

  • 4Y-Four Integrated Classroom Course for Class IX to XII, JEE (Main & Advanced), Olympiads & NTSE: This is a four-year curriculum. This course will comprise Science, Social Science, and Math study material for Classes IX and X.
  • 3Y-Three Year Integrated Classroom Course for Class X to XII, JEE (Main & Advanced), Olympiads & NTSE: This course combines the All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS), Success Magnet Test Series (SMTS), and 1000 Mathematical Problems to lay a firm foundation and accelerate preparation for engineering exams such as JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced).
  • TY- First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced): The course features include regular examinations and the availability of study materials and modules for all three main areas (Physics, Chemistry, and Math).
  • TY- First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced)-After Board: Besides JEE Main and Advanced, the curriculum includes unique courses and test series to prepare students for other competitive examinations.
    The AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series), the Success Magnet question bank, the iTutor Lab Facility, and more are included.
  • OY- Second Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced): This course is appropriate for students who are taking or have passed their 12th-grade exams. It is offered in a hybrid style, including 10 online tests.

Aakash Coaching Centers In Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Andheri West, Mumbai
Center Address : 1st & 3rd Floor, Best Commercial Complex, A Wing, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400058
Phone No : +91-8800013067
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Chembur, Mumbai
Center Address : 601 to 603, 605 to 609, 6th Floor, Omprakash Arcade, Chembur East, Mumbai - 400071
Phone No : +91-9289375620
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Powai, Mumbai
Center Address : 4th Flr, Powai Plaza, Commercial Wing, Block 401, Sainath Nagar, Powai, Mumbai - 400076
Phone No : +91-8800854823
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Gathkopar East, Mumbai
Center Address : Unit No 101, 1st Floor, Neelyog Square, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai - 400077
Phone No : +91-8800013122
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Mulund, Mumbai
Center Address : 201/202, Kappeesh Business Center, MG Road, Mulund West, Mumbai - 400080
Phone No : +91-8800875890
Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Borivali, Mumbai
Center Address : 2nd & 3rd Floor, Shri Ram Trade Centre, Borivali, Mumbai - 400092
Phone No : +91-8800013069

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Kharghar for JEE Coaching

Aakash has a big pool of highly qualified, well-trained, and experienced instructors. Our broad faculty enables us to maintain an appropriate student-faculty ratio, ensuring proper supervision by our faculty members and effective personalised responsiveness to each student's needs.

  • The centre provides a series of mock and practise tests for the students.
  • It provides a wide range of study resources to students.
  • The centre regularly hosts seminars and guest lectures.
  • Standard assessments are also done by the faculty at Aakash.
  • The centre also administers routine practice exams.
  • During each course, there will also be interactive classes.
  • Classroom courses on JEE Main syllabus and JEE Advanced Syllabus to prepare students for upcoming examinations.

Course Description for 2-Years Engineering Classroom Course for Class 11
Students at Aakash Institute Kharghar

  • TY- First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced): This course will fully prepare students for the JEE (Main & Advanced) exam. It is a two-year course, suitable for class XI.
Frequency 3-4 days a week for weekdays
2 days a week for weekends: Saturday & Sunday
Batch Starting On Second week of February 2022
Batch Ending On 31st December 2024
Class Timings Weekdays 3-4 days (3-4hrs per day)
Weekends Saturday & Sunday (6 hrs per day)
Tests During Course Fortnightly Tests
Term Exams
Subjective Tests
Eligibility Class XI studying students
(Students studying in class X and moving to class XI)
  • TY- First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced)-After Board: Aakash provides special classes & test series - for JEE preparations. The two sessions for this course are -

Session-l (Class XI): Year 1 (Class XI): The course will begin on January 4, 2023. The whole Class XI material gets thoroughly discussed during this course, and students will then be freed to complete their Class XI final exam. They will then resume in the last week of March/first week of April 2023 to complete the Class XII curriculum.

2nd Session (Class XII): The Class XII syllabus will be finished by October 2023 in the second year, while Class XI revision will take place between November 2023 and December 31st, 2023. Students will be given further tests in December 2023.

Course Description for 1-Year Engineering Classroom Course for Class 12
Students at Aakash Institute Khargarh

  • OY- Second Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced)
Frequency 4 days/week
Batch Starting On 3rd week of March 2022
Batch Ending On December 2022
Class Timings 3.5 - 4 hrs a day
Tests During Course Fortnightly Tests
Term Exams
Subjective Tests
Eligibility Class XII Studying Students

Visit our website to know more about JEE Main 2022 exam date and JEE Main 2022 Exam Pattern, You can find out more details related to, JEE Main 2022 Aplication Form and JEE Main 2022 Elgibility Criteria visit our JEE Main 2022 preparation page

To know more about JEE Advanced 2022 exam date and JEE Advanced 2022 Exam Pattern, You can find out more details related to, JEE Advanced 2022 Aplication Form and JEE Advanced 2022 Elgibility Criteria visit our JEE Advanced 2022 preparation page

JEE 2021 Toppers from Aakash Institute

  • Pravar Kataria - AIR 3 (JEE Main) (3-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year JEE (Main and Advanced) Course)
  • Anmol Arichwal - AIR 58 (JEE Advanced) (4- Year Integrated Classroom JEE (Main and Advanced) Course)
  • Vinay Tayal - AIR 75 (JEE Advanced) (2- Year Classroom JEE (Main and Advanced) Course)

Frequently Asked Questions about Aakash Coaching Institute in Kharghar

1. Do Aakash Coaching Centres in Khargarh provide JEE scholarships?
We at Aakash recognise students' intellectual abilities and encourage them to use their skills to obtain an advantage over their peers. Therefore, students can apply for scholarships for 1, 2, 3, and 4-year Integrated Classroom and Hybrid Courses for JEE Coaching by taking the online Instant Admission cum Scholarship Test.

2. Is Aakash online or offline?
Aakash Hybrid coaching programmes combine online and classroom instruction to guarantee continuous learning throughout COVID-19 periods. Other coaching programmes include learning modules that can be accessed online or offline.

3. I have already attempted the JEE examination once. Which JEE Coaching Centres in Khargarh will be a good fit for me?
The JEE Repeater Course offered by JEE Coaching Centres in Khargarh is ideal for students who have completed class 12 and want to reattempt the JEE examination. It concentrates solely on the JEE Mains and Advanced syllabuses and provides comprehensive study materials.

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