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Best Coaching Centers for Olympiads, CBSE Board Exam Preparation in Junagadh

In simple words, the foundation course is a program designed for students to prepare for their undergraduate degree studies. The course helps students in getting a fair idea of the degree studies they’re going to pursue, but it also helps them decide which stream to choose for their tertiary studies if not decided already.

There isn’t any parameter set for these courses, as they’re purely made to strengthen a base for higher education. Science and Mathematics are the base subjects of many degree courses. Understanding basic concepts of these subjects make an excellent foundation for higher-level studies.

Few students spend an extra year in foundation courses after finishing high school. Taking these courses in class VIII, on the other hand, will have a favourable influence on their academics and prepare them for a few more competitive exams.

The Foundation Course and the Olympiad Preparation are offered at Aakash Coaching Centres in Junagadh

As the name suggests, foundation courses play a vital role in building a foundation for students’ undergraduate studies. Getting the right guidance from the right institute at this stage is crucial. Aakash Coaching classes have been in this field with firm roots become the finest choice for students for several reasons. We focus on making students understand rather than just caring for scores. Our faculties pay attention to every student individually, understanding their capacities and ensuring no problem is left unsolved.

Various courses offered by the Aakash Coaching centre in Junagadh are as follows-

Name of the course Class Frequency Start Date End Date
One year course for olympiads Class VIII 3-4 days for weekdays/weekends: Saturday & Sunday 3rd-4th week of March 2022 The first week of February 2023
Two years course for olympiads Class IX and Class X 3-4 days for weekdays/weekends: Saturday & Sunday 3rd-4th week of March 2022 The first week of February 2024
One year course for olympiads class X and NTSE students 3-4 days for weekdays/weekends: Saturday & Sunday 3rd-4th week of March 2022 The first week of February 2023

Course Description:

1. One Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads & Class VIII.
- For class VIII students.
- The entire syllabus + subjects like mental ability and social science will be taught.
- Results of every test conducted are shared with students’ parents to keep them informed.
- Multiple fortnightly subjective practice tests are conducted for the students.
- There are also Olympiad pattern tests, NTSE , and NSEJS test series arranged for the students.
- AIATS are conducted, which help the students with their examination preparations.

2. Two years Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE, and class IX & X.
- Suitable for students currently studying in class IX and will be moving to class X as
- the entire syllabus is covered in this course.
- Additionally, subjects like mental ability and social science will also be covered.
- Problem-solving sessions will be held for doubt clearance.
- Special classes for students preparing for NTSE and other scholarship exams.
- Model test papers, various practice tests, subjective paper tests will be held to prepare students for the final examination.

3. A one-year course for Olympiads
- The course is specifically designed for class X students.
- The entire syllabus + subjects like mental ability and social science will be taught.
- Exclusive trick-learning to solve problems in lesser time possible.
- Special classes for NTSE preparation and other scholarship exams.
- Special classes for Maths and Science are conducted for better understanding.
- iTutor lab (video lectures and problem-solving sessions by expertise for missing lectures and revision)

Aakash Coaching Centers In Junagadh, (Gujarat)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Junagadh, Gujarat
Center Address : 2nd Floor, Western Square Mall, Block A, Dipanjali, Junagadh - 362015
Phone No : +91-8800901031

Benefits of choosing Aakash Coaching centre in Junagadh for foundation and Olympiad courses:

- Aakash Coaching provides a greater emphasis on ensuring that students comprehend what they are learning. We prepare our students for further education by assisting them in obtaining admission to universities.

- NTSE, Olympiad, NSCEJS, and other competitive scholarship-based examinations are included in our foundation courses. This lays the groundwork for those who want to pursue further education not only in India but also in any foreign country.

- We concentrate on courses such as math, science, and English, which serve as the foundation for various degree courses while providing a supportive atmosphere in which they may prepare for a competitive future.

- Aakash coaching centre is one of the best coaching institutes in Junagadh for preparing for scholarship-based exams and laying a foundation for higher education because of the factors mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions on Foundation and Olympiad Preparation Courses at Aakash Institute, Junagadh

1. Why is the foundation course important?
The majority of degree programs are math and science-based. Foundation courses assist students in grasping the core concepts of various topics. Students who hold a good understanding of the fundamentals can perform well in their academics and competitive exams at the school level. These courses are significantly useful for those students who are planning to take their higher education from international universities

2. Which is the best coaching class in Junagadh for foundation courses?
Aakash coaching classes in the finest choice for any student looking for a foundation course or any other competitive exam. We provide the best-crafted study material with the help of our expert faculties. Frequent practice tests, MCQ question tests, and so on are held for students. This creates a motivating environment for students; moreover, they get mentally prepared for these exams.

3. Can I opt for Aakash’s Admission cum Scholarship Test for these courses?
Yes. Students of classes VIII, IX, and X can appear for ACST to opt for Scholarships. Students moving from Class VII to VIII can also appear for this exam. They can give this exam online, from home, by selecting the date and a time slot on our website. You can avail of this scholarship on all three foundation courses we are offering.

4. What are the different foundation and Olympiad courses offered in Junagadh at Aakash Institute?
Aakash institute in Junagadh offers three exclusive foundation courses for students of classes VIII, IX, and X. These courses include thorough learning of academics and competitive exams like NTSE and Olympiad. Courses for one year and two years are available, and students can select any one according to their preference and convenience.

5. What is the duration of foundation courses?
Aakash institute of coaching has made a variety of courses for various durations available to choose from. A one-year course for standard 8th, a two-year course for standard 9-10th, and a one-year course for standard 10th are available. This gives students ample time to understand their niche and build a foundation for their degree programs.


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