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Best Coaching Centers for IIT JEE in Jamnagar


JEE Mains and Advanced exams are designed for all those students who want to pursue their careers in BE/B.Tech, B.Plan, and B.Arch at top universities or colleges in India. These tests are conducted by NTA every year.
Aspirants may opt for either (JEE Mains) or both (JEE Mains & Advanced). These papers are in multiple-choice question form in online mode. But the Drawing Test in Paper II is conducted offline. The students who qualify JEE main are eligible for JEE advanced.

JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Centres in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is famous for its tie and dye, gold embroidery, and metalware work. It is also one of the popular hubs for JEE Mains and Advanced Coaching Centres.
Aakash Institute has been preparing students for JEE exams in Jamnagar for a long time. We have a team of expert faculty to help all those students who have a dream to crack JEE or any engineering entrance exam.

JEE Courses Offered by Aakash Institute in Jamnagar

Aakash Institute helps you with various courses. You can choose according to your requirements. The courses are:

1. JEE Mains Classroom Course
This course is specially designed for preparing for the JEE Mains exam. We will provide you with all study materials, classes, and doubt sessions that are needed for JEE Mains preparations.

2. JEE Advanced Classroom Course
Students looking to attempt and crack the JEE Advanced exam can join this course. This course provides them with all required lectures, notes, test series, mock papers, and more for the JEE Advanced exam.

3. JEE Mains Crash Course
Those Class 12 students who want to crack JEE Mains exam in a short duration can join this course. In this course, you will get to learn important tricks and tips to crack JEE Mains in less time.

4. JEE Mains Repeater Course
Students who are CLass 12 pass-outs can join this course. This course helps them with mock test series, conceptual training, and all those tricks needed for the JEE Mains exam.

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Jamnagar for JEE Main and Advanced

We provide you following benefits:

1. Regular classes and doubt clearing sessions
2. Highly educated and experienced faculty members
3. Strategized study plans with all required study materials
4. Timely tests, assessments, and feedback sessions
5. Guidance with some important tricks and tips
6. Highly positive and motivating environment

Aakash Coaching Centers In Jamnagar (Gujarat)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Jamnagar
Center Address : No 101, 1st & 2nd Floor, PN Marg, Jamnagar - 361008
Phone No : +91-8800874930

JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Centres Jamnagar for Foundation Students of Class 9 to 10

Aakash Institute brings forward a Foundation Course for Class 9 and Class 10 students. It is our 4-Years and 3-Years Integrated Classroom Course. One can choose according to their requirements.

Highlights of this course:

1. It is divided into 4-Sections.Each section is for each year.
2. Focus on building a strong foundation for students.
3. Additional support for board exams preparations.
4. Help with strong problem solving and analysing skills.
5. Provide top-class training for JEE or other competitive exams.

Course Description for 2-Years Engineering Classroom Course for Class 11 Students at Aakash Institute Jamnagar

It is a 2-Years Integrated Classroom Course. It is designed for all those Class 11 aspirants who are looking for their future in the engineering field. This course helps them with the preparations of board exams with JEE exams.

We also offer short-term classroom courses on JEE Main syllabus and JEE Advanced Syllabus to prepare students for upcoming examinations.

Highlights of this exam:

1. Provide you ample chances for school studies with JEE preparations
2. Sufficient exposure to test series, assessments, and doubt sessions
3. Regular lectures and feedback sessions
4. Choice between 3-4 weekdays classes and 2-weekend classes
5. Completion of board preparations before time and rest time will be for JEE preparations

Course Description for 1-Year Engineering Classroom Course for Class 12 Students at Aakash Institute Jamnagar

We have designed a 1-Year Engineering Classroom Course for Class 12 students. It is like a 1-Year crash course. Those aspirants who want to attempt the JEE exam after their board exam can enrol in this course.

Highlights of this course:

1. Preparation of JEE (Mains and Advanced) with Class 12 board exams
2. Familiarise pupils with some tricks and tips, useful for JEE exams
3. Regular tests, assessments, and doubt sessions
4. Option to select 3-4 weekday classes or 2-weekend classes
5. Trained aspirants with time management and problem-solving skills

Visit our website to know more about JEE Main exam date and JEE Main Exam Pattern, You can find out more details related to, JEE Main Aplication Form and JEE Main Elgibility Criteria visit our JEE Main preparation page

To know more about JEE Advanced exam date and JEE Advanced Exam Pattern, You can find out more details related to, JEE Advanced Aplication Form and JEE Advanced Elgibility Criteria visit our JEE Advanced preparation page

JEE 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

Here is the list of JEE 2021 Toppers from Aakash Institute:

Anmol Arichwal - AIR 58 (JEE Advanced) (2-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year Integrated Course)
Pravar Kataria - AIR 3 (JEE Main) (3-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year JEE (Main and Advanced) Course)
Sreehari C - AIR 115 (JEE Main) (2-Year Classroom Course)

Frequently asked questions about JEE Coaching Centres in Jamnagar

Question 1: Do I need to buy any extra books or test series?
No. At Aakash Institute, you will get all the required study materials to crack JEE exams, which will be sufficient for you and you don’t have to look for extra books.

Question 2: Is it possible to prepare for JEE Mains and Advanced both at Aakash Institute Jamnagar?
Yes. You can enrol in both courses, at the same time, at our Coaching Centres.

Question 3: Are there any criteria to get enrollment in Aakash Coaching Institute for JEE Mains preparations?
No. There are no such criteria to get admission to our institute. Any student from Science and Maths background can enrol with us.

Question 4: I'm a Class 10 student. Can I get help for my board exams together with JEE Mains?
Yes, very sure! Aakash Institute helps its students in both board preparations and competitive exams preparations.

Question 5: What program does Aakash Coaching Centre Jamnagar provide?
You can choose amongst a wide range of programs at Aakash Institute.
1. 4-Years Foundation Course
2. 3-Years Integrated Classroom Course
3. 2-Years Integrated Classroom Course
4. 1-Year Crash Course
5. 1-Year Repeater Course


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