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Best Coaching Centers for Olympiads, CBSE Board Exam Preparation in Hoshiarpur

Foundation courses for grades 8–10 are designed to lay a solid foundation for competitive tests such as KVPY, Olympiad, and the National Standard Examinations (NSEP/ NSEC/ NSEB/ NSEA) for medical, engineering, and other fields.

Furthermore, Aakash provides students with additional resources to assist them in preparing for the aforementioned competitive examinations. The students have access to extensive study materials for each subject and engaging classroom sessions led by highly skilled faculty.

Types of Foundation Classes offered in Hoshiarpur

The foundation courses at Aakash provides comprehensive instruction in the NCERT and other school boards' required curricula, can benefit Class IX and X students. In addition, these courses help students improve their conceptual understanding to pass the most sought-after competitive and scholarship tests.

Two-year Integrated Course for Class IX & X Students

This comprehensive course for grades 9 and 10 covers the fundamental science, mathematics, and social sciences curriculum while focusing on the expanded mental ability required to pass highly coveted scholarship and competitive tests such as Olympiads and NTSE.

One-year Integrated Course for Class IX Students

Students in class IX receive intensive science, math, and social science coaching during our one-year integrated classroom course while also developing their mental abilities. Students are prepared for Olympiad exams while receiving a comprehensive education in all areas and topics.

One-year Integrated Course for Class X Students

Throughout this one-year classroom course, students in class X will gain a deeper understanding of physics, mathematics, and social sciences while also assessing and improving their mental abilities. In addition, this course provides special classes to help students prepare for the NTSE.

Short Term Course for Class X Students

Aakash provides short-term NTSE (Stage-I) preparation courses to students in class X who want to focus on passing competitive exams like NTSE. These courses provide students with a series of tests based on actual exam patterns and syllabuses, allowing them to practise and pass the exams with flying colours.

Foundation Course Highlights
NCERT's Micro Assignment booklet for better practice
Coverage of the Syllabus for Classes VIII, IX, and X, as well as Revision and Doubt Clearance
Fast Track and Trickopedia - one-of-a-kind speed-increasing strategies and tips
Specific classes for Class X NTSE preparation
Separate seminars and test series for Olympiad/scholarship exams.
Extensive and in-depth study materials
Mental ability development
iTutor Lab for ordinary school/board exams, Olympiads, and NTSE pattern

Aakash Coaching Centers In Hoshiarpur (Punjab)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Hoshiarpur
Center Address : B 20/214, Main Court Road, Hoshiarpur - 146001
Phone No : +91-8800795238

Benefits Of Joining Aakash Coaching Centre in Hoshiarpur

Inquiry-Based Education: At Aakash, we adopt a standardised approach to education delivery to ensure that our faculty members provide the best coaching possible. The creative and thorough teaching style produces in-depth study materials and engaging classroom discourse.

Each lecture is meticulously planned to guarantee that the content is of the best quality, complete, and delivered on time. The philosophy of Aakash is to train students for both Entrance Exams and Board Exams. Before moving on, a considerable deal of time and care is spent ensuring that pupils understand the content thoroughly and completely.

Highly Qualified Teachers: Aakash's teachers come from various backgrounds, for example, the Indian Institutes of Technology and the National Institutes of Technology, and other notable institutions and the coaching sector. Aakash is built on a team of academics and subject matter experts who are all highly certified professionals. Students benefit from the faculty's remarkable credentials and broad expertise because it simplifies even the most challenging problems for them. Aakash brings together top-tier professionals from throughout the country for each discipline.

Homework and exams: Aakash assignments are a massive benefit for Aakashians. Students are made to work on them at the end of each topic. Students who use Aakash Assignments' time management and error reduction tactics are better prepared to face even the most demanding tests because they are focused on two of the most critical components of exam success: topic knowledge and regular practice. They have a long history of assisting students in improving their subject knowledge and performing well on the Entrance Exams.

Workshops on Self-Inspiration: Aakash holds motivational classes regularly to motivate students to succeed. He leads these sessions and guarantees that each student is encouraged to take competitive examinations confidently.

2021 NTSE ( National Talent Search Exam) Toppers From Aakash Institute

Name State Program Type Exam Type
Adit Jindal Haryana Classroom Program NTSE stage II
Utkarsh Sharma Uttar Pradesh Classroom
NTSE stage II
Priyanka Sar Odisha Classroom
NTSE stage II
Ridhi Aggarwal Karnataka State Topper Classroom
NTSE stage I
Anoop Singh Uttar Pradesh State Topper Classroom
NTSE stage I
Mayank Joshi Uttarakhand State Topper Classroom
NTSE stage II

Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Courses in Hoshiarpur

Q1. What are some of the competitive tests the foundation courses can prepare me for?
Ans- Following Class VIII, Aakash foundation courses help students prepare for Olympiads, NTSE, PRMO, and other competitive exams. Additionally, the Foundation courses assist you in preparing for future medical and engineering admission tests, as well as scholarship evaluations.

Q2. What is the eligibility criteria for foundation courses?
Every program has its criteria; listed here:

  • Class X integrated course- Students must have finished class IX or be enrolled in class X to be eligible for the Integrated Course for Olympiads, NTSE, and Class X,
  • Class IX integrated Course- A student must have finished the eighth grade or be enrolled in ninth to pursue the Integrated Course for Olympiads and Class IX.
  • Class VII integrated course- A student must have completed seventh or enrolled in eighth grade in the current year to take this course.

Q3. Are the national level exams beneficial to school students?
Ans- Thousands of kids take national examinations such as the NTSE, NSO, KVPY, and JSTS. Taking these tests and excelling in them necessitates additional study and a competitive edge not included in the school curriculum. At Aakash, we respond to this 'extra' demand for preparation for your child to excel in such tests. For example, passing an NTSE exam on a student's résumé will almost certainly help him grow in his job.


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