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Best Coaching Centers for IIT JEE in Hassan

The Joint Entrance Exam, also named JEE, is India's national level entrance exam administered by the NTA to students wishing to enrol in BE/B Tech, NITs, IITs and other state-funded technical institutions. The JEE is a two-stage exam, with the JEE Mains being the first phase and the JEE Advanced being the second. To graduate from your dream engineering college, you must first qualify in Advanced with a high rank for IITs.

JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Centres in Hassan

Hassan is Karnataka's most stunning location. It is a popular destination for the finest IIT JEE coaching institutes in Karnataka, which train students for numerous entrance exams. Enlisting in JEE coaching centres in Hassan brings you one step closer to realising your dream of becoming an IIT graduate. The Aakash Coaching Institute utilises experienced teachers who have decades of expertise in this area. Furthermore, being in an intensely competitive world enhances students' self-belief in effectively preparing for the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams.

JEE Courses Offered by Aakash Institute in Hassan

JEE Mains: This regular classroom course focuses exclusively on the JEE Mains curriculum by offering comprehensive learning materials, tests, and question-answer sessions. Students are given numerous questions, assessment booklets, and mock test papers to practice with.

JEE Advanced: This course is designed for advanced preparation. The emphasis is more on objective type questions. It offers students a wide variety of sample papers, NCERT-based assessment booklets, previous year papers, routine tests, and regular evaluation of the results.

JEE Crash Course: This course is ideal for last-minute preparation. This course includes several question banks, practise papers, and mock tests. All concepts are thoroughly revised via recorded and live lectures and assure clarification of students' doubts.

JEE Repeaters Course: This course is designed specifically for students who have appeared in the JEE exam once and wish to appear again to attain better scores and rank. It provides learning materials, frequent tests, sample papers and motivational workshops for students.

Aakash Coaching Centers In Hassan (Karnataka)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Hassan/a>
Center Address : Site No 3, A square, Ring Road, Hassan - 573201
Phone No : +91-8800897304

Benefits of Joining Aakash Coaching Centres in Hassan for JEE Main and Advanced

Aakash is well-known for its high-quality educational facilities, which provide applicants with informative learning and assist them in preparing for the IIT JEE and numerous other engineering exams. Aakash IIT JEE offers smart and effective educational solutions that enable students to achieve their goals. The following characteristics show the advantages of enrolling in JEE coaching at Aakash Coaching Centres in Hassan:

  • We at Aakash have a team of professional teachers who will support and guide students.
  • Students learn to handle complex and time‐consuming questions that do not have a time limit.
  • Regular testing and public spectacle of the results empower students' minds and increase productivity.
  • Doubt-resolving classes are held on a regular basis.
  • We at Aakash assure that the entire syllabus is completed well before the exam date.
  • We also offer short-term classroom courses on JEE Main syllabus and JEE Advanced Syllabus to prepare students for upcoming examinations.

JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Centres Hassan for Foundation Students of Class 9 to 10

4Y-Integrated Classroom Course for JEE Classes 9-12

The three and four-year programmes at Aakash focus on giving a strong foundation for students aspiring to a career in engineering after their class 12. Furthermore, attempting competitive tests at this level gives them a significant advantage due to their seamless transition from class 9 to the commencement of the exam.

The objective of the Program:

  • To reinforce fundamental concepts related to the JEE entrance exams.
  • To improve their academic performance.
  • Before the exam, skills such as observation, comprehension, and mathematical reasoning are improved.
  • Familiarise students with problem-solving ability.

Course Description for 2-Years Engineering Classroom Course for Class 11 Students at Aakash Institute Hassan

TY- Two Year Integrated Classroom Course for JEE

We at Aakash aim to cover all NCERT questions with clear descriptions and logic for the student's acknowledgement. Students receive proper exposure in this course to equip for their final exams, IIT JEE, or other examinations held year-round. The following are the specifics of this two-session course:

Session 1: Class 11

We attempt to finish the class 11 syllabus thoroughly in the first session of the integrated classroom course so that students can prepare for their class 11 exams readily. Students can begin their class 12 lesson plan in the last week of March or the first week of April 2023.

Session 2: Class 12

In the second year, we will finish the class 12 curriculum and revise the class 11 curriculum to build up the students' grasp. This revision will occur between the end of November 2023 and December 2023. Additional mock tests will be administered in December 2023 to help them enhance their performance.

Course Description for 1-Year Engineering Classroom Course for Class 12 Students at Aakash Institute Hassan

OY- One Year Integrated Classroom Course for JEE

This course is explicitly designed for students who want to improve their JEE performance (Main & Advanced). The course offers systematically prepared study materials to assist students in gradually progressing from notions to implementations. This course is available in both a classroom and an online format, depending on accessibility at the centre.

The objective of the Program:

  • The course will cover the entire JEE Mains and JEE Advanced curriculum.
  • The course will accomplish the class 12th boards syllabus concurrently.
  • The course will finalise the syllabus by October 2022, and revisions will initiate in November 2022.
  • Additional tests are conducted for students in December 2022 to help them enhance their performances.

Visit our website to know more about JEE Main 2023 exam date and JEE Main 2023 Exam Pattern, You can find out more details related to, JEE Main 2023 Aplication Form and JEE Main 2023 Elgibility Criteria visit our JEE Main 2023 preparation page

To know more about JEE Advanced 2023 exam date and JEE Advanced 2023 Exam Pattern, You can find out more details related to, JEE Advanced 2023 Aplication Form and JEE Advanced 2023 Elgibility Criteria visit our JEE Advanced 2023 preparation page

JEE 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

  • Anmol Arichwal - AIR 58 (Advanced) (2-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year Integrated Course)
  • Pravar Kataria - AIR 3 (Mains) [3-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year JEE (Main and Advanced) Course]
  • Sreehari C - AIR 115 (Mains) (2-Year Classroom Course)

Aakash JEE Coaching Centers

Aakash coaching centres are present across the nation. With 275+ branches across the nation and a student count of 2,50,000+, Aakash is one of the leaders in the field of imparting quality coaching for competitive and school level examinations.

Frequently asked questions about JEE Coaching Centres in Hassan.

Q1. Is it necessary to take a crash course before taking the IIT JEE?
A crash course gives you last-minute practise before taking the IIT JEE exam. Students can re-examine the syllabus using the Aakash Institute crash course; they provide video lectures that students can use to clarify their doubts whenever needed. In addition, the course offers numerous mock tests to enhance question-solving speed and efficiency.

Q2. What are the advantages of enrolling in a JEE coaching centre?
Aakash Institutes' years of experience help students comprehend the paper structure and prepare better. Aakash Institutes organises regular parent-teacher meetings and motivational sessions in addition to study content and experienced faculty.

Q3. Is it possible to simultaneously prepare for board exams and JEE exams in Hassan's JEE coaching centres?
Without a doubt, yes! Aakash provides a variety of blended learning courses, repeater courses, crash courses, mains and advanced JEE courses. Students can also register in our 1-year or 2-year classroom programmes to take advantage of our services.


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