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GUJCET Answer Key 2024 - Download Answer Key PDF Here

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) is set to unveil the GUJCET 2024 Answer Key in the first week of April on gujcet.org. This crucial resource will be accessible for download in PDF format directly from the website without the need for login credentials. Additionally, a direct link for downloading the answer keys will be provided here for your convenience.

The initial release will feature the GUJCET provisional answer key, inviting candidates to challenge or raise objections within a designated window of 2-3 days. If any candidate finds discrepancies or disagrees with a particular answer in the provisional key, they can submit objections in the prescribed format and within the specified timeframe. Following a thorough review of the challenges, GSEB will then release the GUJCET 2024 final answer key.

Utilizing the GUJCET answer key 2024, candidates can proactively calculate their expected scores before the official results are announced. This valuable tool empowers candidates to assess their performance and gain insights into their standing in the examination. The GUJCET 2024 result is anticipated to be released by the last week of April, providing candidates with a comprehensive overview of their academic achievements.

GUJCET 2024 Answer Key By Aakash BYJU's

GUJCET 2024 Question Paper Download PDF
GUJCET 2024 Answer Key Solutions Download PDF

GUJCET 2024 Official Answer Key Date


Date (Tentative)

GUJCET 2024 Exam 

March 31, 2024 (Announced)

Release of GUJCET 2024 Provisional Answer Key 

1st week of April 2024

GUJCET 2024 Answer Key Challenge  

To be Announced
Release of GUJCET 2024 Final Answer Key 2nd week of April 2024

How to Access GUJCET Answer Key 2024

The GUJCET 2024 answer key can be conveniently accessed online through the official website http://www.gseb.org. Alternatively, a direct link for downloading the answer key is provided below. Follow the step-by-step procedure outlined here to effortlessly obtain the GUJCET 2024 answer key:

  • Visit the official website or click on the provided link, which will be updated here.
  • The answer key will open in a new tab.
  • Click on the download icon to save the PDF of the answer key to your device.
  • Allow some time for the GUJCET answer key 2024 to download successfully.
  • Open the downloaded answer key and meticulously compare your responses with the provided solutions.

How to Raise Challenges Against GUJCET Answer Key 2024?

Candidates dissatisfied with the answers provided in the provisional GUJCET 2024 answer key have the option to challenge it. The challenge process is facilitated through online submission on the official website. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to challenge the GUJCET 2024 answer key:

  • GSEB releases a specific form for challenging the answer key.
  • Fill out the form according to the provided instructions.
  • Specify the question paper number and the question number you wish to challenge in the form.
  • For each questioned challenged, a fee of Rs. 500/- needs to be paid through e-challan.
  • Complete the form and payment formalities, then email it to gujcetkey2022@gmail.com.
  • Include details such as Bank account number, Bank Name, IFSC Code, and Bank Branch.
  • After a specified duration, GSEB authorities will release the final answer key for GUJCET 2024.
  • If the challenged question is found to be correct, the candidate will receive a refund of the amount in their bank account.


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GUJCET Answer Key 2024

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