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Best Coaching Centers for IIT JEE in Bharatpur

The JEE, abbreviated as the Joint Entrance Examination, is an admission test for getting into various engineering colleges. In 2022, the examination will take place in four sessions. This examination is regulated by the NTA (National Testing Agency) and is conducted in two parts, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. More than 22 lakh students had registered for JEE Mains 2021. The number is expected to rise this year, with ambitious competitors endeavouring to secure their seats.

Important information about JEE 2022:

  • Those who have completed their Class XII exam, or any exam equivalently qualifying in 2020 or 2021, or those candidates who are appearing for their Class XII examination, or any equivalent qualifying examination in 2022, can sit for the JEE (Main) 2022.
  • Candidates can appear for JEE Advanced for a maximum of two consecutive years.
  • The exam is for 4 hours with a total of 400 marks.

JEE Coaching In Bharatpur

Aakash JEE Coaching Centres in Bharatpur provide the best coaching to its students with its well-structured learning process. The study guide provided to the students is very useful for optimal preparation. The qualitative and quantitative resource provided in the Centre is a major add on. Regular and periodic mock tests and test series are scheduled to help students keep track of their progress. Individual attention and guidance during doubt clearing sessions are also provided to aspirants.

Reasons for availing JEE Coaching In Bharatpur From Aakash Coaching Centre
We offer double-resolution classes every day. This assists the students to clear their doubts.
We assess each applicants' advancement and guide as required.
We provide expert faculties who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

JEE Courses Offered By Aakash Institute In Bharatpur

Courses Class Batch Start And End Date Eligibility
TY-First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced) Class 11 Second week of February 2022 - 31st December 2024 Class XI studying students (Students studying in class X and moving to class XI)
TY- First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced)-After Board Class 11 Second week of February 2022 - 31st December 2024 Class XI studying students (Students studying in class X and moving to class XI)
OY-Power Step Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced)-Phase 3 Class 12-plus students 1st Week of May 2022 -
31st December 2022
Class XII Passed Students
OY- Second Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced) Class 12 3rd week of March 2022 -
December 2022
Class XII Studying Students

Aakash Coaching Centers In Bharatpur (Rajasthan)

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Bharatpur
Center Address : 3rd Floor, First Mall, Krishna Nagar, Bharatpur - 321001
Phone No : +91-8800906952

Benefits Of Joining Aakash Coaching Centre In Bharatpur for JEE Coaching

Aakash Coaching Centre in Bharatpur offers the utmost guidance and coaching for JEE aspirants. We have qualified staff who are always ready to lend a helping hand to students in need. The study material offered is sufficient and informative. The processed and structured learning tool provided in the Bharatpur Coaching Centre benefits the students big time. We also offer group discussions and doubt clearing sessions. In addition, the regularly scheduled periodic tests provide an opportunity for students to keep track of their performance.

We also offer short-term classroom courses on JEE Main syllabus and JEE Advanced Syllabus to prepare students for upcoming examinations.

Course Description for 2-Years Engineering Classroom Course For Class 11 Students At Aakash Institute, Bharatpur

The TY- First Step Integrated Classroom Course is available for Class 11 students. This course provides thorough preparation for the School/Board Exam, JEE (Main & Advanced), and Other Engineering Entrance Exams. In addition, this course benefits the students aiming to clear the JEE exams. It is divided into two years (sessions) and is available in both Classroom and Online versions. JEE mock tests are conducted, and the institute provides relevant study material for Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Course Description for 1-Year Engineering Classroom Course For Class 12 Students At Aakash Institute, Bharatpur

  • OY- Second Step Integrated Classroom Course For JEE (Main And Advanced): The OY-Second Step Integrated Classroom Course is formulated for students aspiring for better performance in JEE (Main & Advanced). This is for Class 12 students who aim to take up the engineering stream. Both online and Classroom versions are available for this course. Relevant study material is provided for this course subjects, including Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Regular test series are scheduled, and the faculties are available for doubt clearing sessions with their helpful insights.
  • OY-Power Step Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced): This course is available for students who have completed their 12th grade. This offers the required insights to go ahead with the JEE exams. Study material and doubt clearing sessions are also scheduled frequently. The basics are taught again for a clearer picture, and the course offers stable learning for aspirants.
  • A pool of unique questions for the preparation of JEE (Advanced) and an archive for JEE (Main), which is a collection of previous years' questions for JEE (Main), is provided to the aspirants. This offers help, and the regular performance check aids students to rank themselves among other aspirants.

JEE 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

Many applicants work towards getting ranked among the top in the JEE exams. Aakash Coaching Institute has many extraordinary students who have excelled in the streams of their choice. Under the guidance and persistent efforts, several students have sketched their names under the top ranks holders.

  • Pravar Kataria – AIR 3 (JEE) (5 Year Classroom student)
  • Anmol Arichwal – AIR 9 (JEE) (4 Year Classroom student)
  • Sreehari C – AIR 115 (2 Year Classroom student)

Aakash JEE Coaching Centers

Aakash coaching centres are present across the nation. With 275+ branches across the nation and a student count of 2,50,000+, Aakash is one of the leaders in the field of imparting quality coaching for competitive and school level examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions About JEE Coaching Centres in Bharatpur

Q1. What are the different tests conducted in the Aakash Coaching Centre, Bharatpur?
The various tests conducted in the Aakash Coaching Centre, Bharatpur, are as follows:

  • Fortnightly Tests
  • Term Exams
  • Subjective Tests
  • SMTS

The Fortnight Test in Aakash is held after every 2 to 3 weeks. The Term Exams are held after the term completion, and Subjective Exams are also organised to support students with their board examinations. SMTS(Success Magnet Test Series and AIATS (JEE ADVANCED) are both based on JEE Advanced Pattern, and they are held occasionally.

Q2. What is the difference between Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live?
In Aakash itutor, students can learn at their own pace. They can view the recorded lectures at any time of their choice. But in Aakash Live classes, they have to attend at a scheduled time, and these are interactive courses with faculties teaching live. Students receive study material, but doubt clearing can be done immediately in Aakash live. They can choose between weekends or weekdays to attend the classes.

Q3. I have taken admission to one of the NIT. Am I eligible for JEE Advanced?
Yes. The students who have taken entries in NITs are eligible for appearing in JEE (Advanced) if they satisfy all other eligibility criteria stated below.

  • Students from the general category must not have been born before October 1, 1997.
  • Candidates must have taken the Class 12 exam in 2021 or those appearing for exams in 2022.
  • Only the top 2.5 lakh qualified students of JEE Main will be allowed to appear for JEE Advanced 2022.
  • Candidates can attempt the JEE Advanced exam two times in two consecutive years.


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