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Best Coaching Centers for IIT JEE in Belgaum

JEE or Joint Entrance Exam is an engineering entrance exam for class 12th who wish to get admission into the top engineering colleges in India. This exam is divided into two parts- JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

JEE Courses Offered by Aakash Institute

Early preparations can change your game to get a higher All India Rank. The number of students who appear for JEE is increasing every year. This increase in competition has made it challenging for students to make a mark for themselves. Fearing failure, they put in hours of hard work. However, without the correct guidance and relevant study notes, it becomes difficult to get admission into the top engineering institutes of India.

Given below are the top advantages of joining JEE coaching centre in Belgaum:

  • Our coaching centres provide all the details regarding the JEE exam, the exam syllabus, exam pattern, cut-off scores, and other crucial information. This will help you save time and focus your energies on preparing for the exam.
  • JEE coaching centres in Belgaum offer comprehensive counselling to students. This includes covering the entire JEE syllabus and their class 12 syllabus and making them mentally strong for the exams.

JEE Courses Offered by Aakash Institute in Belgaum

  • OY- Power Step Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced) Phase-3- This course offers the Success Magnet Test Series(SMTS), Success Achiever Question Bank, Test Series Course- to help prepare for the JEE exam within a short period. This course is suitable for class 12 students. The batches for this course will begin around the first week of May 2022 and will end on 31 st December 2022. Classes will be held for 304 days on the weekdays and two days on the weekends. Students will also be provided with some extra JEE mock tests to sharpen their skills.
  • OY- Second Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced)- The batch for this course will begin from the third week of March 2022 and will end in December 2022. Students are provided with a full-course revision series, printed notes on Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, free of cost iTutor series, and previous years' papers with solutions. Students who are in class 12th are eligible for this course.

Aakash Coaching Centers In Belgaum

Center Name : Aakash Coaching Institute Belgaum, Karnataka
Center Address : 2nd Floor, Esha Eleganza, Tilakwadi Khanapur Road, Belgaum - 590006
Phone No : +91-8800012965

Why should you opt for Aakash coaching centres in Belgaum?

JEE Exam preparation also involves choosing the right coaching centre to manage your time well and study only what is relevant. Let us have a look at the benefits of joining the Aakash coaching centre-

  • Our team of qualified teachers and academicians guide you into mastering the basics of each subject.
  • Our guidance counsellors help you handle pressure and work efficiently without fearing failure.
  • We offer a wide range of courses, each with its unique characteristic.
  • All our courses include regular test series, complementary online notes, and access to previous year question papers.
  • We also offer short-term classroom courses on JEE Main syllabus and JEE Advanced Syllabus to prepare students for upcoming examinations.

JEE coaching in Belgaum for Students of Classes 8-10- Foundation Course

The main aim of the foundation courses is to help young students build a solid foundation of the basics of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

The names of the courses provided under the foundation courses are-

  • Three Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE and Class VIII, IX & X
  • One Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads & Class VIII
  • TY-Two Year Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE & Class IX & X
  • OY- Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE & Class IX
  • OY- Integrated Classroom Course for Olympiads, NTSE & Class X

Program Objective:

  • Helping students develop a problem-solving approach.
  • Helping students prepare well for their board exams.
  • Teaching students how to manage time and divide it amongst all the subjects

Course Description for 2-Years Engineering Classroom Course for Class 11 Students at Aakash Coaching Centre Belgaum

Students who wish to sharpen their learning skills and learn how to solve questions quickly can enrol in this TY- First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced) course specially designed for 11th students. The classes are held 3-4 days a week on weekdays and two days a week on weekends. The course will start in the second week of February 2022 and end in December 2024.

Program Objective:

  • We provide relevant and regular exam material covering all the subjects.
  • Conducting weekly and fortnightly tests like the SMTS.
  • Session 1 (Class 11)-Includes completing the entire class 11th and 12th syllabus.
  • Session 2 (Class 12)- Includes completing the class 12th syllabus and preparing students for the board exams.

Course Description for 1-Year Engineering Classroom Course for Class 12 Students at Aakash Coaching Centre Belgaum

The OY- Second Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE (Main and Advanced) course helps students analyse their skills in all subjects and get used to the JEE exam pattern. In addition, this course helps students prepare well for their boards and the JEE exam.

Program Objectives and Highlights:

  • Provide students with sufficient exam material.
  • The classes will be held four days a week.
  • The batch will start from the third week of March 2022.
  • The class timings will be-3.5 to 4 hours a day.

JEE 2021 Toppers From Aakash Institute

  • Anmol Arichwal - AIR 58 (JEE Advanced) (2-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year Integrated Course)
  • Sreehari C - AIR 115 (JEE Main) (2-Year Classroom Course)
  • Pravar Kataria - AIR 3 (JEE Main) (3-Year Foundation Course and 2-Year JEE (Main and Advanced) Course)

Aakash JEE Coaching Centers

Aakash - an established name in JEE and NEET preparation, has been guiding students to success since 1988. With a legacy of over 35+ years, 300+ Coaching centers across India and 5000+ expert faculty, Aakash is well known for its comprehensive, result-oriented JEE and NEET preparation programs.

Frequently Asked Questions about JEE Coaching Centres in Belgaum

Q1. Is the Aakash coaching centre for JEE preparation in Belgaum good?
Aakash coaching centre guides students into preparing well for this exam and helps them emerge successfully out of the cut-throat competition.

  • We conduct regular tests to analyse their weak points and areas.
  • Through our AIATS and other test series, students can witness the competition they will face, thus making them in tune with reality.
  • Regular doubt-clearance sessions are held with the highly qualified faculty.

Q2. Is it necessary to take JEE Main before JEE Advanced?
NTA conducts the JEE exam in two phases- JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students must clear the JEE Main exam to appear for the JEE Advanced exam.

Q3. What courses are offered at Aakash coaching centre Belgaum for class 11 students?
We provide the students of class 11th with the TY-First Step Integrated Classroom Course for JEE Main and Advanced preparation. This course focuses on conducting regular tests and providing relevant study material for the exams. The system will begin from the second week of February and end on 31st December 2024.

Other features of this course are-

  • The Special Magnet Test Series (SMTS).
  • iTutor Lab Facility
  • Free of cost tests series.

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