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JEE Advanced 2023 FAQs

If you are looking forward to pursuing a career in engineering, then you must be well aware of the Joint Entrance Examination or JEE Advanced. This is the next stage of the entry-level examinations known as JEE Mains. 

These two examinations are for students who wish to take admission to the engineering courses available in a variety of colleges all across the country. Candidates who are able to clear the JEE Mains exam are further eligible to appear in the JEE Advanced exam. Moving on, read up the following 2023 FAQs.

Question 1. When Should I Start My Preparation for JEE Advanced 2023? 
Start preparing as early as possible, preferably alongside your class XI/XII exam preparation. With this, you will have enough time to finish the complete JEE Advanced Syllabus and have sufficient time for revision. 

Question 2. Can I Clear JEE Advanced 2023 with Crash Course?
Answer: Though it is always advisable to start your preparations as early as possible, you can clear your exam with JEE crash course. Along with this, you really need to work hard and show a lot of determination. First, create a schedule that covers the maximum syllabus of the exam and stick to it. As time will be limited, you will have to rely on really good teachers, high-quality study material, and mock tests that will help you analyse your progress and prepare correctly.

Question 3. Will Taking Coaching for JEE Advanced 2023 help or should I Study at Home and Study by Myself?
Answer: This decision is completely up to you whether you want to take coaching or study by yourself. If you feel that you can grasp concepts by preparing by yourself, then you should do that. But keeping in mind that the JEE Advanced 2023 will be conducted online, it is advisable to opt for online coaching from reliable sources that offer you the right guidance along with regular effective online practice tests. For best results, you can always count on online JEE 2023 courses offered by Aakash BYJU’S.

Question 4. I Appeared for the Class 12th Examination for the First Time in 2022. Am I Eligible for JEE (Advanced) 2023?
Answer: Yes, a student who appeared for the Class 12th examination for the first time in 2022 is eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced 2023 exam. 

Question 5. During JEE Main 2023 Registration I Declared my Category Wrongly. Can I Correct it During JEE Advanced 2023 Registration?
Answer: Category declared during JEE (Main) 2023 registration cannot be changed during JEE (Advanced) 2023 registration.

Question 6. I have the Class XII Pass Certificate and the Marks Statement as Separate Documents. Which Document Should I Upload During the JEE Advanced 2023 Registration?
Answer: You need to upload the document having the Class XII marks statement.

Question 7. Is Writing Paper 1 and Paper 2 in JEE (Advanced) 2023 Compulsory?
Answer: Yes, both Paper 1 and Paper 2 are compulsory.

Question 8. Is There Any Pattern for the JEE Advanced in 2023?
Answer: JEE Advanced 2023 will be a computer-based exam. It will comprise 2 papers - I and II. Duration for Paper 1 and 2 shall be 3 hours. These papers will be based on Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. The question papers will be available in Hindi or English. 

Question 9. I have declared my category as GEN-EWS during JEE (Main) 2023 registration. But I do not belong to GEN-EWS. Can I register for JEE (Advanced) 2023?
Answer: You can register for JEE Advanced by declaring that you do not belong to GEN-EWS provided your JEE Main 2023 score is above the General cut-off. If your JEE Main 2023 score is below the General cut-off you are not eligible for JEE Advanced 2023.

Question 10. What Does it Mean to Have a Benchmark Disability?
Answer: A person with a benchmark disability is defined as having at least 40% of a specified disability that has not been defined in measurable terms or a person having a disability in measurable terms. 

Question 11. Will My Result be Declared if I am Absent from one of the Papers?
Answer: Your Result will only be announced if you appear for both the papers i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Question 12. What are the Timings for Both Papers of JEE Advanced in 2023?
Answer: As per past trends, the timings for Paper I are expected to be 09:00 am to 12:00 pm whereas, for Paper II, the timing would be from 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm. The final date sheet will soon be released on the official website of the exam.

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