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RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 18: Circles

Circles and their fundamental elements are covered in Chapter 18 of RS Aggarwal Maths for Class 6. A circle is a curve traced by a point that moves in a plane so that its distance from a given point is constant, and it is also the shape formed by all points in a plane that are at a constant length from a particular point. This particular point is called the centre of the circle. The radius is defined as the distance between each point on the circle's perimeter and its centre. A circle can be compared to a hula hoop.

The circumference of the circle is the length of its outer boundary. The points inside the circle are termed internal points since they are not part of the circle’s boundary. A complete angle is 360°, and since the circle also forms a complete angle, it is 360°. We also learn that a circle may be disassembled into smaller pieces. A circle section is termed an arc, and an arc is designated according to its angle. When the diameters of the circle converge in the centre, central angles are formed. Then, just like cutting a pizza, you begin your slices in the centre.

The circle is a chapter that is crucial in academics since it is also included in the course syllabus for senior levels. As a result, it's critical to master this chapter and grasp the fundamentals. The most amazing part of the solutions provided by the Aakash Institute is the methodical approach to solving the problems. The tasks may look difficult while the student is working alone, but he will solve them quickly and understand the chapter's core if he follows the techniques and procedures given in the solution file.


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