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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 23: Graphical Representation of Statistical Data

Graphical representation has always been considered the best method to analyse numerical data. Information can be interpreted and compared easily in graphical form. Moreover, it is less costly, needs less effort and less time. Relationship between variables, measurement of the position and values of one variable when the other variable changes value are the things that can be better understood in this chapter of Graphical Representation of Statistical Data.

This chapter will guide the students to learn about the Graphical Representation of Statistical Data by various types of graphs. These graphs include:

  • Bar Graphs are charts that plot data using rectangular bars or columns representing all the observations in the data, which is a helpful way in statistics. They help to represent small or large values more empirically. If we want to check the accuracy and validity of calculations at a glance, the bar graph is a better way to consider when compared to other representation modes. But bar graphs tend to be locked into a particular data set, making it hard to show multiple changes over time unless the chart is modified otherwise.
  • A histogram is a bar graph-like representation. It is made of data that consists of a range of outcomes in column form. The Y-axis consists of the data count or percentages, and the X-axis keeps on adding the bars. In the field of sales and marketing, this kind of bar graph is used. It is used widely due to its simplicity and versatility.
  • A pictograph represents data that consists of pictorial symbols and drawings to count how many objects there are. Pictographs are easy to read and attract attention.


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