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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 2: Exponents of Real Numbers

This chapter comprises the expressions like ab where 'a' is called the base and 'b' is called the exponent. The exponent of a number tells us how many times we can use the number in a multiplication. This is the fundamental law of exponents. You will also learn some other laws of exponent, which is a must in order to understand the chapter properly,

Product Law says that the exponent of a number tells us how many times we can use the number in a multiplication. In such a form, ax * ay = ax+y Where a, x and y all are natural numbers. The base here should be the same in both quantities.


Quotient Law says that in order to divide two numbers with the help of the same base by subtracting the exponents from the same base, we have to subtract the power in the denominator from the power in the numerator. In such a form, xy÷ xz=xy-z where x, y and z all are natural numbers, and the base should be the same in both quantities.


Power Law says that if a number raises a power to a power, we have to multiply the exponents. In such a form,


The chapter will further deal with the power of quotients and the power of products.


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