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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 11: Time and Work

The Maths chapter 11 Time and work explains how to calculate time and teaches work management methods in real life. The main topics of this chapter are efficiency ratio, work done, and data sufficiency. This chapter assists students in comprehending time and labour ideas. In this chapter, we primarily address two topics: 'determining the time necessary to finish a piece of work and determining the amount of work completed in a particular period.'

Our specialists provide solutions for the tough questions in a step-by-step style to assist students to comprehend the ideas and pass their exams with flying colours.

Time and work have a single exercise, and the RD Sharma Solutions on this page give answers to the problems in this activity. Let's have a look at the ideas covered in this chapter. It is about finding the work done and the time taken to do the work. If more than two people work in a group to finish a piece of work, then how much of the work was done by them individually, and how much time would they take to complete the work if they work alone are some of the very common questions tackled by the chapter. Other problems with Time and Work primarily include

1. Determining the time needed to finish a piece of labour together when individual time is given.
2. Determining the fraction of work done in a particular period.
3. Problems with pipes and cisterns

Examples of questions related to this fraction of work in the chapter include problems like, If Ramesh can finish his assignment in 2 hours, how much assignment can he do in half an hour?
The chapter utilises the concepts of the Unitary Method to solve the tough questions in a very easy manner.

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Key features of Aakash Institute RD Sharma solutions for class 8th Maths Chapter 11- Time and Work.

  • Every step is thoroughly explained by the Aakash Institute, and each solution is well crafted.
  • The Aakash Institute prepares these solutions with the assistance of highly qualified officials.
  • Solutions provide sufficient information for students to study all of the material without skipping any parts.
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