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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 7 Maths Chapter 25:Data Handling 4 (Probability)

Probability is also called possibility. This is one branch of maths that deals with the occurrence of a random event. This value can be expressed from 0 to 1. This topic is mainly introduced in mathematics to predict how likely an event is going to happen. In RD Sharma Solutions for Class 7 Maths Chapter 25 data handling 4, students study all the concepts related to probability, such as a trial, event, and experiment

The trial is nothing but any particular performance of a random experiment. A trial in probability means a random experiment unless otherwise specified, and each trial results in one or more outcomes. Example: tossing 4 coins, rolling a die. Both trial and experiment almost mean the same thing, and we use them synonymously. They are both done in anticipation of a result. However, we can differentiate them by saying the experiment is a slightly larger entity where many trials are involved. In simple words, experiments are considered to be a larger entity formed by the combination of several trials.

Meanwhile, the event is something that has results. A result is obtained by an event that is caused by some previous action. They are also called outcomes or results or observations. Even though we know the probable outcomes of any random experiment, we cannot predict the exact result of these experiments that will occur in the conduct of the experiment. Simple events have a certain chance of happening or probability. For instance, a 15% chance of rain today, where two or more probabilities are also possible. They are all added together to get the total probability. A 15% chance of snow and a 10% chance of hail would mean a 15% + 10% = 25% chance of bad weather.

The Class 7 Maths Chapter 25 data handling 4 also teaches the students about empirical probability. They are also termed experimental probability. They refer to a probability that is based on historical data. In simple words, it illustrates the likelihood of an event occurring based on historical data.

Empirical probability=number of times occurred/ total no. of times experiment performed



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