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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 7: Decimals

Decimals are nothing but a combination of whole numbers and a respective fractional part. Chapter 7 Decimals encloses various ways of dealing with it. The dot between the numbers is known as a decimal point. There can be infinite digits after the point. The digits after the point are always less than one. For example, 2/100 or 0.02 is represented as two hundredths. Simple operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication can be done with decimal numbers similar to the whole number.

While writing a particular number, the place value of each digit is necessary to find its value. Decimals are based on the division of 10 or they can be represented as negative powers of 10. As one moves towards the right, the place value of digits will get divided by 10. It can also be termed as a standard system of denoting integers and non-integer numbers. It is widely used in real life. It is also worth saying that the decimal number is another way of representing the fraction. When a set of decimal numbers are given, they are like decimals, when equal numbers of digits are present after the decimal point.

Chapter 7 Decimals talks about the comparison of decimal numbers as well. While determining the greater decimal number, start from the tenths place and proceed with hundredth, thousandth, etc. It is necessary to verify the last digit, to get the correct result. This chapter further discusses the application of Decimals. It is useful while converting lower terms to higher terms, such as converting paise to rupees, converting centimetre to meters, etc. Decimal numbers come into play when more accurate results are needed.

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