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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 23: Data Handling- iii (Bar Graphs)

Chapter 23-Data Handling- iii (Bar Graphs) focuses on a different method to represent the data for proper visualizing. They are the pictorial representation in horizontal and vertical bars to show the value of each category. They are also named as bar charts in a few sectors. The drawn bars should be of uniform width. In the case of vertical bars, the height denotes the value. In a few cases, it compares different data and shows the relationship between the two axes.

Chapter 23: Data Handling- iii (Bar Graphs) gives a brief introduction about the different types of bar graphs, namely, vertical bar graphs, horizontal bar graphs, grouped and stacked bar graphs.

In a vertical bar graph, the data is represented along the y-axis. On the other hand, in a horizontal bar graph, the data is represented along the x-axis. In the case of a grouped bar chart, both horizontal and vertical bars could be used. In a stacked bar chart, each part is represented using different colours for better identification, also known as a composite bar chart. There are few important properties to consider in the case of representing the data as a bar graph. All the bars used should have a common base, and the distance between each bar should be the same.

he chapter concludes with the steps for the construction of a bar graph. It is easier to draw a bar graph. First, draw the horizontal and vertical axis of the desired length. Label both the axes. Decide the range for the given set of data. And finally, draw the bars as per the data given.

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