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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 19: Geometric construction

Chapter 19 Geometric construction is entirely composed of various methods to construct shapes with the help of basic instruments. The basic instruments are a ruler, compass, and protector. Few steps are followed for the construction of the respective shapes.

This chapter starts with the steps to draw a line segment of the desired measurement using a ruler and a compass. The method is as follows, draw a line of definite length and mark a point A, measure the given length with the help of a ruler and compass. Place the sharp point of the compass on A and mark another point B on the line. Therefore AB is the required line segment. A perpendicular line to line AB can be attained through a ruler and set square.

Chapter 19 Geometric construction describes a protractor that plays an important role while measuring the given angle or constructing a line segment at an angle. Place the protractor on line AB such that the centre of the protractor coincides with the point O, mark the angle, and draw the line segment of the required measurement.

This chapter further discusses the steps to bisect the line segment. First, construct a line segment and mark two points AB. Then, take A as the centre, and the radius should be more than half of the length AB and construct an arc on both sides of AB. Similarly, take B as the centre with the same radius and construct the arc cutting the previous one. Finally, join the intersection point with line AB. The newly drawn line is a bisector.

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