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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 10: Basic Geometric Concepts

Chapter 10- Basic geometrical concepts are entirely composed of basics required to understand the 2D and 3D shapes. The basic geometrical concepts depend on three basic concepts: point, line, and plane. These are the basic terms through which other shapes are defined. All three terms are related to each other. A point has an exact location and is defined as the mark of position. It is commonly used in geometry to mark various things. Often denoted by a dot and named by any of the capital letters. It does not possess length or breadth. A point can be further classified into collinear and non-collinear points. When all the given points lie on the same line, they are termed collinear points.

A line is a straight path that can be extended indefinitely in both directions. It has no endpoints or a fixed length. Alphabets denote it at both ends (AB). There exists a relation between points and a line. All lines are made up of various points.

Chapter 10-Basic Geometrical Concepts also discusses the intersection of lines. Three lines can have a maximum of three points of intersection. When two lines intersect, it is considered an intersection point of two lines and denoted by a letter. The line can further be classified into rays (which have one fixed point and can be extended in one direction indefinitely) and a line segment (which have two fixed points and a certain length).

This chapter further discusses the plane. A plane is a flat surface that can be extended upto infinity in all directions. It has no thickness but consists of a two-dimensional surface. Two lines in a plane can either be inclined or parallel to each other. It can be identified well in the coordinate plane.

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