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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 6 – Determinants

Determinants can be explained in many different ways for a square matrix. Determinants are calculated for square matrices only. If the determinant of a matrix is zero, then it is called a singular determinant, but if it is one, then it is known as unimodular. The RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 6 determinants deal with square matrices of orders 1, 2 and 3.

While diving deep into the chapter, students get their hands on other important topics as well. One such topic is the determinant of a square matrix of order 3 by using the Sarrus diagram. Then, they learn the definition and meaning of singular matrix and the minors and cofactors of determinants. Finally, while solving a problem based on determinants, they get to learn the properties involved to solve them.

Other concepts such as Evaluation of determinants and Evaluation of determinants by using factor theorem are also described in the chapter. Other than this, students also get to know what the applications of determinants are in coordinate geometry. For example, they learn the Area of the triangle and the conditions and collinearity of three points and the equation of a line passing through two given points.

Lastly, students get exposed to a topic called Applications of determinants in solving a system of linear equations. They mainly include the solution of a non-homogeneous system of linear equations. Next, the students understand the concept called Condition for consistency. Moreover, they solve problems on the Homogeneous system of linear equations.

Apart from just learning these concepts on a theory level, they are also given enough experience in solving various exercise problems with the help of these solutions, and these solutions provide help with the correct procedure and consolidate the concepts behind them. These are all very helpful to score higher grades in their exams.

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Key features of Aakash Institute RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12th Maths Chapter 6 – Determinants

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