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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 – Derivative as a Rate Measurer

In RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12th Maths Chapter 13, students understand the meaning and definition of derivative as a rate measurer. If a quantity y depends on and varies with another quantity x, then the rate of change of the quantity y with respect to x is dydx. To give an example, consider the rate of change of pressure p with respect to the height h, which can be written as dpdh. This can be defined as the derivative as a rate measurer.

The solutions for all the topics given here are detailed, which helps students understand the concepts and obtain good marks in their exams. We all know that practice is the essential task in all analytical subjects and is the most important in maths. Hence at our institution, we provide solutions for an enormous amount of questions.

The RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12th Maths textbook can boost their performance in their board exams. Moreover, everyone can access our content for free just by downloading the readily available PDF effortlessly.

Students further study a topic called instantaneous rate of change of physical quantity, with which they can identify how the rate of change affects a process at a particular moment. The concepts are better understood by solving exercise problems related to that.

The students are also taught some important topics called theorems and remarks on derivatives as a rate measurer. Finally, they get exposed to the definition and meaning of related rates and solve them.

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Key features of Aakash Institute RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12th Maths Chapter 13 – Derivative as a Rate Measurer

  • The RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12th Maths Chapter 13 derivative as a rate measurer helps students score good marks in their exams by providing quality content.
  • Subject Matter Experts at our Aakash Institute prepare all the solutions for given problems in order to help students understand the concepts in a much clearer way.
  • No complex language is used so that anyone can understand the contexts without any difficulty.
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