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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 12 – Higher Order Derivatives

To give a simple idea on how to describe higher-order derivatives, let us consider a function, y=f x is differentiated as y'=f'x. In this, we can take the derivative of f x, which is generally referred to as the second derivative of f (x) and written f''x or d2(f(x))/dx. So, this process will keep on finding third, fourth and successive derivatives of f (x), which are termed as higher-order derivatives of f (x).

Here, the students study the notations of higher-order derivatives. Students are taught how to prove relations involving various order derivatives of Cartesian functions. A Cartesian plane can be represented as graphical functions by plotting the coordinate points. This can also be said to be a coordinate plane. A coordinate plane is nothing but a grid formed by a horizontal number line and a vertical number line crossing at a point called the origin.

In RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12th Maths Chapter 12 higher-order derivatives, students learn how to find second-order derivatives of parametric functions. Apart from all this, they get to know how to prove relations that involve various order derivatives of parametric functions.

Lastly, they also get exposed to understanding and proving relations that involve various order derivatives. This chapter is considered one of the most important for the students because what they study here will help them go to college, especially if they take the engineering or theoretical stream. Derivatives and differentiation play a vital role in many different domains due to their advantages.

After understanding the concepts mentioned above, students get exposed to exercise problems related to each topic which would help them enhance their knowledge to a further level and be a great source to prepare for exams.

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