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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 5: Trigonometric Functions

In the previous lesson, the students went through the basis of trigonometry, which are angles and how to measure them. This chapter will help the students study trigonometric functions when they are applied on various angles. The approach to this chapter employs various shortcut tips and real-world illustrations to explain all of the exercise problems in simple English. Moreover, experts have created RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions that are very lucid and easy to follow, allowing students to solve problems effectively.

First, the chapter deals with Real-number trigonometric functions. The chapter also elaborates on the values given by these Trigonometric functions for different arguments. The identities are those functions that hold true for all values of the trigonometric function. Next, the chapter teaches the students the most common trigonometric identities that are useful in calculations. The Fundamental trigonometric identities learned in the earlier classes are also revised in this chapter.

Furthermore, the quadrants are discussed, and according to the quadrants where the angle lies, the signs of Trigonometric function are taught to the students. The interesting part of this chapter is the variations of trigonometric function values across quadrants. The quadrants are explained with properties and characteristics of each one of them. Trigonometric equation values at allied angles are also mentioned for the students to learn. Last but not least, the definition of periodic functions is explained in the chapter, along with even unusual functions. The RD Sharma Solutions on this page provides answers to the questions in each exercise.


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