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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 32: Statistics

We learned about how to express data graphically and in tabular form in previous chapters. Here, we'll look at a different approach for determining a representative value for a set of results. Statistics, as we all know, is concerned with the collection of data for certain purposes. This chapter will look at some of the most important dispersion metrics and how to compute them for ungrouped and grouped data. This chapter covers measures of dispersion, range, mean deviation, variance, and standard deviation of ungrouped/grouped data, as well as the study of frequency distributions with similar means but different variances.

The chapter elaborates on the variance and standard deviation, which are both used to show the divergence of the data from the mean of the data collected. These concepts are used extensively in the financial and analysis sector. The RD Sharma textbook contains various exercises for the chapter on statistics that cover the chapter's subtopics. The subtopics explained in this chapter are Measures of dispersion, range, mean deviation, the mean deviation for ungrouped data or individual observations. The chapter also elaborates on the mean deviation of a discrete frequency distribution, the mean deviation of a grouped or continuous frequency distribution. And the limitations of mean deviation. The last part of the chapter is based on variance and standard deviation. Few other subtopics include:

  • a. Individual observations.
  • b. Discrete frequency distribution.
  • c. Grouped or continuous frequency distribution.

Students are encouraged to use the RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Solutions book that would enable them to understand the shortcuts and key formulae. The answers are solved precisely to help students grasp the principles quickly. This is especially important, as every correct step leads to the correct answer.


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Key features of Aakash institute RD Sharma solutions for class 11th Maths Chapter 32- Statistics

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