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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 3:Functions

We will discuss one of the most important concepts of functions in Mathematics in the third chapter of RD Sharma. The third chapter of Class 11 th Maths discusses functions as special types of relations. The concepts learnt in the previous chapter are necessary to understand these chapters. The chapter describes what a function is and the concepts of domain and range of a function. The codomain of the function is also explained in this section. In addition to functions as correspondences between two sets, the chapter also discusses the relation between a set and itself.

The chapter further explains the concepts of equal functions, which means that they have the same value for all the arguments in their domain. It is also important that both the functions have the same domain as well as the codomain.

The chapter further describes the functions whose values are real numbers, and these functions are termed real functions. The chapter also teaches the students about their domain and range. The chapter further elaborates on the functions which are common in mathematics and their graphs. The operation on these real functions is also discussed in detail.

In Math, Aakash's faculty team has prepared solutions that will help students achieve high scores. RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions for Maths textbook have been written to make the solutions as simple and structured as possible so that students can achieve an excellent grade on the exam. In addition, these solutions will allow the students to gain a solid understanding of various questions to develop problem-solving skills.


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Key features of Aakash institute RD Sharma solutions for class 11th Maths Chapter 3- Functions

  • For the grade 11th and higher classes, the solutions provide the best guidance for this chapter and it's very important subtopics.
  • Teachers and experts write the solutions. They explain the concepts properly and conceptually so that you can grasp them.
  • Aakash institution, a leading educational organisation, provides solutions for all chapters in RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11th Mathematics in a way that helps both the weaker students and the best students.
  • The language used is simple, and the techniques are straightforward. Additionally, step-by-step solutions make understanding easier.
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