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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 25: Parabola

Concepts about parabolas are explained here in this chapter, along with the formulation of the equation of a conic section given its focus, directrix, and eccentricity. A parabola is a moving point in a plane whose distance from a stationary point is always equal to the distance from a fixed straight line in the same plane. The parabola's equation is (m 2 + 1) [(x – x 1 ) 2 + (y – y 1 ) 2 ] = (y-mx-c) 2 if the focus is S (x 1 , y 1 ) and the directrix equation is y-mx-c= 0.

The general equation of the parabola is ax 2 + 2hxy + by 2 + 2gx + 2fy + c = 0, and the commonly used equations include y 2 =4ax, and x 2 = 4ay The following terminology is defined concerning this topic:

  • The point where the parabola and the axis meet is called the vertex.
  • The point that bisects each chord of the conic that passes through it is called the centre.
  • A focal chord is any chord that runs through the centre of the attention.
  • Ordinate (Double) is a chord perpendicular to the axis of a conic.
  • The focal distance of a point P (x, y) from the focus S is the distance between the point P and the focus S.
  • Latus rectum: A double ordinate running across the parabola's focus.

The students also learn how to determine the equation of the tangent at any point on a parabola and how to find the location of a point in a parabola. There is one exercise in Chapter 25 – Parabola and the RD Sharma Solutions help students get through all the questions in the exercise. First, parts of a conic shape are explained in the chapter. Then, a conic segment is described analytically. When the emphasis, directrix, and eccentricity of a conic section are known, the general equation is formed. The parabola is a mathematical concept. Some parabola implementations are also explained here.

Subject matter experts have prepared the concepts for students in a very easy-to-understand manner. This makes the concepts easy and also helps the students remember them. The concepts in the chapter are important to understand and grasp because they are used in the chapters that follow. Aakash's RD Sharma Solutions help the students when they are stuck on any question, and the solutions also help students increase their speed.


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