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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 21: Some Special Series

The sum of 'n' words of any special sequence, such as series of natural numbers, squares of natural numbers, cubes of natural numbers, and much more, will be discussed in this chapter. RD Sharma Solutions are specifically tailored for CBSE students and are based on the CBSE Board's most recent syllabus. Our professional team creates these ideas in a very simple language. Practice is the key to success in learning and doing well in mathematics.

The chapter goes into harmonic series in-depth, including their characteristics and harmonic means. For example, if a and b are both in HP, the harmonic mean is H= 2ab/ (a + b). Each term in the arithmetic-geometric progression is a product of an AP and GP term. There is also a brief discussion of exponential and logarithmic series. The square root series and cube root series are prominent questions that always attract the learner's mind.

There are two exercises in Chapter 21 – Some Special Series, and the key concepts in this chapter are the addition of the terms of a special sequence to a total of n, the addition of first 'n' natural numbers, their squares and cubes and questions related to any special series.


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Key features of Aakash institute RD Sharma solutions for class 11th Maths Chapter 21- Some Special Series

  • Our institute offers step-by-step solutions to all the problems in RD Sharma's maths textbook for class 11th in a simple, comprehensible manner for students of all levels.
  • Our goal is to answer the questions and provide solutions in a way that can help students succeed in their studies.
  • As a result of the solution, students can also compare their solution with the best possible procedure to identify if they are doing something wrong and correct it.
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