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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 9 Biology Chapter 6: Natural Resources

The last chapter of the book is very important as it deals with the natural resources in our surroundings that provide us with all our needs. The sources that cannot be regained from nature are known as natural resources. This chapter teaches the basic natural resources that we get from nature. Here, the students learn that resources are very important and must be used in a limited manner to save for future generations. It also focuses on the different kinds of hazards and environmental pollution that we face due to the neglected use of our natural resources, including global warming, ozone layer depletion, deforestation, etc.

The chapter separately discusses natural resource conservation. The importance of these resources on human life is explained here elaborately. The chapter aims to educate the young minds of our nation about the importance of the conservation of nature.

The chapter is written in a very simple and easy language to understand it easily and grasp the concepts fast. It is advised that the students first go through the Lakhmir Singh textbook and then go through the solutions. That will clear all the doubts that might arise in their minds. Every chapter consists of different kinds of questions. The short answer type, very short and long answer type, fill in the blanks, and MCQs are very prominent among those. The book also contains pictorial and diagrammatic forms that make the chapter interesting and keeps the students focused. Care is taken that after going through this book, the students are left with no doubt but a wide range of ideas and clear concepts that will help them in their future education.



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Key features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions for class 9th Biology Chapter 6- Natural Resources

  • Lakhmir Singh Solutions For Class 9 Biology by the Aakash Institute is provided in a very easy language that enables the students to understand them without any external help. The solutions serve as the best guide for a student.
  • Thorough practice of the questions in the book, taking the help of the Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions, improve the answer writing style of a student as they inculcate the easy language and the technique of to the point answers.
  • The standard of the solutions is extremely good, and even if the students only read these solutions, they would be prepared for the examinations.
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