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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 8 Science Chapter 7: Conservation of Plants and Animals.

This chapter, "Conservation of plants and animals", explores the world of the primary producers and consumers and their relation with the ecosystem. In much of the chapter, though, the author highlights the causes of the depletion of natural resources and their effects on the biosphere. The chapter's unique approach to teaching the importance of the life cycle and its significance shows that human life will not exist without these natural resources.

The lesson teaches us the values of biodiversity and numerous ways to conserve these life forms from extinction. This topic also provides essential information about the reasons behind deforestation and its impact on the environment. It further discusses the causes of other environmental problems like drought, desertification, and global warming, emphasising their negative effects on the planet's health. Thus, the proficient and non-proficient students thoroughly understand the concept and cover all fundamental environmental issues.

The chapter further provides a broader idea about the earmarked places like wildlife sanctuaries, National parks, biosphere reserves present in the whole world. Students also learn about the endangered and nearly extinct species, which became the main purpose behind building such protected places. It explains the history, significance, and unique features present in these places, making them distinct from others. This text also highlights the process of maintaining the record of endangered species in the Red Data Book.

Students also learn the numerous ways to conserve these resources by organising various programs to spread awareness. They are encouraged to apply 3R in their day-to-day lives. Additionally, this chapter introduces students to some unique species names and makes it more interesting to investigate this unique area.




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