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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 8 Science Chapter 17: Stars and Solar System

This chapter encircles objects seen in the sky, also termed celestial bodies and their associated phenomena. This chapter deals with the concepts of astronomy and its associated phenomena. The chapter leads to a much deeper understanding of the world outside our planet. The science chapter 17 Stars and the solar system delivers the knowledge that our world is but a very small fraction of the entire universe. It demarcates the sun as the primary source of light and heat energy. Thus, students thoroughly explore this unique field in a prescribed learning framework.

The chapter further illuminates the moon's phases and helps the students understand how it goes from a full moon to a new moon and vice versa. It further explains the moon's dark side and delves deeper into research on the moon's surface. Students learn the environment present on the moon surface and the distance from the earth calculated in light-years. This lesson provides essential information on two major constellations- Ursa and Orion. The students also get to know about their appearing season present.

The chapter further explains the solar system, including stars, planets, etc. Students also learn about the identification of unique features of 8 planets distinguished from other planets. Stars and the pole star are well explained in an organised manner. The chapter further explains how gravitational force balances the solar system.

The chapter concludes with information on comets, asteroids, and meteoroids. These form an interesting area to study and give students an interesting avenue to further explore the concept.




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Key features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solution Class 8th Science Chapter 17- Stars and solar system

  • The Lakhmir Singh solution drives students to manifest a new process of thinking, providing endless knowledge and solutions while keeping our minds active.
  • Aakash institute provides conceptual questions which becomes the spotlight for students to nurture their ability and apply these concepts in real-life examples
  • Well-experienced faculty members prepare these solutions to ensure the quality of the solution and strengthen their minds to focus on both theoretical and practical approaches.
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