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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 8 Science Chapter 15: Some Natural Phenomena

This chapter explores an unseen occurrence of events and introduces students to fundamental knowledge of these natural phenomena. Students can examine several measures to be taken to minimise the havoc caused by this phenomenon. The Science chapter, "Some Natural Phenomena, " consists of some imaginary situations with their proper solution to drive the students' minds on practical training pieces.

The chapter highlights the two dominant natural phenomena -
   1. Lighting
   2. Earthquake
The chapter further deals with some basic concepts of how rubbing two objects causes them to get electrically charged. Students strengthen their deep-rooted understanding by clarifying the basic property of attractive and repulsive charges and how the generated forces further decide the charged nature of other objects. Finally, the lesson explores how charges had transferred from one object to another leading to the discharge of the other objects.

This lesson introduces students to a broader view of the unseen process occurring in monsoon weather called Earthing, which is explained as the cycling of current between a charged body and the ground. Students also understand the theoretical aspect of the lighting phenomenon caused by an electric discharge between clouds. Finally, the chapter provides essential information about lighting conductors and how these are useful as a safety measure to protect from this phenomenon.

Another vital piece of information in the chapter is the Earthquake and its causes, providing students with precise theoretical knowledge. The chapter further delves deeper and discusses the structure of the earth and its relation with the seismic zone of the Earthquake. Students study the places where previously earthquakes occurred, their magnitude, range, and after-effects on plants and animals. The chapter concludes with some preventive measures that need to be taken to protect surroundings, with a slight mention of devices that measure the disaster's severity.




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