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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 8 Science Chapter 10: Reaching the age of adolescence

This chapter's centre of attraction is the Adolescence period, where the body undergoes changes leading to reproductive maturity. This lesson primarily deals with the physical, emotional, or behavioural changes in a boy or a girl during puberty. Thus, students will understand the physical challenges faced by teenagers.

The chapter starts by explaining puberty and the changes individuals go through during this period, depending upon their gender. Next, students will learn the list of external changes in secondary sexual appearance to help to distinguish the two sexes. Then, the chapter further delves deeper into mental or physical changes that lead to healthy reproductive health. This topic also provides essential information on how students can deal with this extent of changes.

Additionally, the chapter focuses more on the Human endocrine glands and depicts their functioning. It further explains numerous hormones that these glands secrete during this period and how they are directly linked to puberty. Students also learn that the excess hormone levels lead to some negative impact on the body, in some cases significant changes in boys or girls. Finally, the chapter presents a broader view of multiple diseases that occur in a body due to the abnormal functioning of glands.

Students get to know about the various sex-related hormones that bring about certain body changes and prepares the body to reproduce. The lesson further highlights the menstrual changes that occur in the reproductive cycle of females. Students are introduced to some basic terms menarche, menopause, fertilisation, so the young learners get to understand these basics things. The chapter concludes by diving into multiple ways to tackle these changes by maintaining personal hygiene, a balanced diet, or physical exercises.




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