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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 4: Carbon and its Compounds

The fourth chapter of the book "Carbon and Its Compounds" is very interesting as it is about all the compounds made from carbon. The chapter introduces the students to carbon which is found in both organic and inorganic form. Carbon is denoted by the symbol "C". Coal is mainly constituted by carbon. Carbon is a very important element as all living organisms such as plants and animals are made up of Carbon-based compounds, which are also termed Organic compounds. In our everyday lives, we use several carbon-based products. This chapter deals with carbon- related compounds like:

  • Food materials
  • Textile Industries
  • Fuels

The chapter also separately teaches the student about the uses of carbon, the different kinds of bonding in carbon compounds, and all the unique set of properties of carbon. The chapter is designed in a question-and-answer format that helps students develop a wide range of ideas and a clear conception of all the topics. The chapter is designed to include short, very short, long, fill in the blanks, and Multiple-Choice Questions. It also includes pictorial and diagrammatic representation of questions that helps the students to understand the topic better. All the questions are framed, keeping in mind that a student is left with no doubts after going through all the questions. Learning the chapter in the textbook and then going through all the questions of the given chapter prepares the student for the examination. But these questions are bound to create confusions, as to address those confusions, Aakash provides the solutions to these questions. All the topics and questions in Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 10 Chemistry complies with the chapters in Lakhmir Singh Textbook. Learning all the questions in the book helps the student know the examiner's demands in the questions and can answer accordingly to that. If anyone wants the best help possible, then these solutions are the best option for that.


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Key Features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions Of Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 4 - Carbon and its Compounds

  • The Lakhmir Singh Solutions by Aakash Institute help students to grasp all the concepts very easily.
  • The book's price is very reasonable, and the solutions provided by the Aakash Institute are free of cost; thus, they can be afforded by everyone. One can also download the pdf version of the solutions from the official website of the Aakash Institute.
  • It improves the answer writing style of the student.
  • The students can learn the answers if they have a problem writing their own with the solution's help for their exams. The answers are prepared in such a way that they are easy to learn.
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