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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 3: Metals and Non-Metals

The third chapter of the book " Metals and Non-Metals" divides elements into two parts: metals and non-metals. This chapter teaches about the importance of metals and non-metals in our day- to-day life. This chapter highlights the usefulness of metals and non-metals and the large number in which they are found. The properties of metals like conduction of electricity, malleability, and ductility have proved to be very useful in our daily lives. Metals like iron, aluminium, copper, etc., are used to transport vehicles, utensils, etc. Non-metals, on the other hand, are good insulating materials and are brittle. Examples of non- metals are carbon, phosphorus, and sulphur. This chapter elaborately explains the reactions, properties, and examples of the two different categories of elements. The solutions for this chapter have been written in an easy-to-understand language for the students, and they won't face any kind of difficulty learning the topics.

The questions are constructed in a manner that would gain the interest of a child. It contains several short, very short, long, fill in the blanks, and Multiple-Choice Questions. It aims to clear all kinds of doubts that might arise in a student's mind and view the subject. The chapters are made interesting by putting different pictures and diagrams that help the student get a clear idea of what he/she is learning. The questions in the chapter are designed in a manner that would prepare the students for all kinds of examinations. The chapters are prepared by very experienced teachers who explain the topics in a way that would be easy for the students to grasp. The solutions are a perfect guide to a student who has goals to score well in the CBSE exam. Continuous practice of the questions will make the student confident.


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Key Features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions Of Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 3 - Metals and Non-Metals

  • The solutions are available free of cost, and they can be obtained from the official website of the Aakash Institute.
  • Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 10 Chemistry by Aakash Institute provides a comprehensive and detailed answer for all the questions.
  • The students can depend on these solutions for a very fast revision of the entire curriculum during the exams.
  • The book improves the writing style of the students, which helps them to secure more marks.
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