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Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 10 Biology Chapter 2:Control and Coordination

In the second chapter, 'Control and Coordination', students learn that the human body works as a complex machine and performs a lot of functions to keep the body in a stable form. It is the basic study of all the functions working in a controlled manner. The concept of control and coordination is explained through question and answer. It also answers the questions that arise in the student's mind. The chapter digs deep into how coordination is maintained through the unanimous working of the brain with the help of different organs in our body to produce reactions to all kinds of actions. This chapter gives a detailed concept of:

  • Structure of a neuron
  • Tropic movements
  • Reflex actions
  • Hormones
  • Human brain
  • Various types of nerves

The functions mentioned above and diagrams are explained with the help of structured questions in the chapter. The chapter clearly explains the structure of a neuron to the student. The nerve cell is studied in detail with its functionality. The chapter also explains the tropic movements, the importance of reflex action, the mechanism of reflex action, and the hormones responsible for neuron activity. The role of the spinal cord along with the brain is discussed at length in the chapter, and the students also get to know about the various types of nerves. The chapter also is made interesting and engaging as it contains a pictorial form of questions. The chapter develops a wide range of ideas in students through examples and concepts of the respective chapter. Students get an overall idea of the chapter and are prepared for further exams as the chapter contains appropriate and to-the-point answers. The answers to the questions of Lakhmir Singh are designed in such a manner in the solutions provided by the Aakash Institute that all the topics and all the questions that can arise from them get covered. All students can understand the easy language of the solutions.


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Key Features of Aakash Lakhmir Singh Solutions Of Class 10 Biology Chapter 2- Control and Coordination:

  • Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 10, Chapter: Control and Coordination by the Aakash Institute covers all the topics and answers all the questions of the respective chapter.
  • The solutions pdf is all a student needs before the examination as there is a wide variety of questions in all the forms possible.
  • The solutions are written in quality language that all the students easily understand.
  • The solutions for the Lakhmir Singh by the Aakash Institute are free of cost and available at the official website of Aakash.
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